Digitally Remastered in full swing

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November 25, 2010 - 9:56pm

I keep a Google doc that shows who is working on what and the status. You might remember I've posted around this site, and SF-UN asking for text files of everything SF. The below mentioned humans have sent me or uploaded text of SF stuff. Today I thought, "01010111011010000111100100111111 (Text2Binary) Not use the Digitally Remastered project? Makes sense, right?

So, I've asked Bill for ownership of the project so I can send out email updates. I'm posting here to let you all know what's going on. Here is how I envision the project;
  1. Need the text and images from the original source.
  2. Un-format the text or massage it to get it ready for the layout.
  3. Place in a layout. 
    (right now I'm using the Star Frontiersman layout)
  4. Add optional rules at the end, maps, gear, references to sfman articles, whatnot.
  5. Print to PDF and post on
Although straight forward its a lot of work. If you want to see other SF material remastered join the Digitally Remastered and watch out for news. Note, the below mentioned humans should be members of the project. Hint, hint.

Below mentioned humans
Thanks to jacobsar,  Captain Rags and Gullwind for text versions.
(If I missed your name let me know)