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    Dynamic page reloads

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    I use firefox for my browser, and as such, I have several sites set as Tabs that load every time I start firefox. When the site is live, I intend to do the same with this site. My question stems from the fact that I keep webpages loaded at almost all times...

    Does the page, wherever you might be within the site, reload periodically? Can I have the page loaded on one of my tabs in FF and simply switch over an see if there are any new messages in the navagation section?, or will I have to hit reload whenever I switch over?

    My own preference would be that it reload or dynamically update that section and similar sections that might have 'new data/messages' posted. Is this a possibility?

    The iGoogle homepages work in this manner, at least when it comes to mail notifications on that little mail plugin. Maybe a similar feature/plugin can be used in that section instead of a static (only reloading when 'refreshed') area?


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    August 18, 2007 - 10:00pm
    Some of you will see some graphic anomolies when you log on next... just refresh your browser (or better yet, flush your browser's cache and then refresh).  I divided the navigation menu into three sections, so I can do dynamic refreshes of just the two lines "View Guestbook" and "View Messages" once per minute.  So even if you've got the page in a tab and hidden away, it will query refresh of those two lines in the navigation menu each 60 seconds, to inform you of new messages.  This is a lighter load on the server than complete page refreshes, and should do the trick quite nicely. 
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