Walker Vehilces

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September 14, 2010 - 11:19am
Issue 15 contains an article I wrote that includes a vehicle with a "walker" mode of transport. The civilian version is used to maneuver over rocky terrain or sands (where wheel and hover are more effected by this type of terrain).

Personal Walker - A personal walker is a 2-legged upraised vehicle andcan carry around two crewmen.  Walkersare rugged and can handle diverse terrain by stepping or jumping over mostobjects in their path. Sometimes they simply crush objects rather than movearound them. If a walker is tipped over it cannot right itself. 

A variantpersonal walker is a full-body vehicle which encases the pilot in a specialfull-body sensor suit that detects movement and amplifies them which in turnmoves the walker more like a person than a vehicle. It has shoulders, elbows,wrists, hands, fingers and a mobile waist. Multiply the top, cruise, accel,decal and SP by 1.5. The cost is 9,500Cr. 

Anyway, I wonder if I'm over-thinking how mecha should work in SF and it's really as simple as above (just missing character centric stats like punching score, reaction speed, yada).

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