Technology so advanced it might as well be magic

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August 3, 2009 - 2:10pm
I like the idea behind this project and it works for the feel of the original dragon riders of pern novels which I originally bought during my fantasy/ D&D mania but enjoyed them none the less despite their really being Sci-fi

the point to make is that you can have "magic items" that are just tech items so advanced as to be little better than magic to the unlearned. For instance: a cell phone would be magic to a caveman or even someone of mid-eval tech level.

You could run a low tech campaign with these magic items; the trick would be maintaining the feel of magic through discription till the campaign developes to the point that the PCs discover, like the protagonist in the Pern series, that humans (or the core 4) are not from this planet.

Examples of magic items:
Potion of neurtalize poison- in reality just a solution of anti-tox
Sleep potion- in reality just the liquid form of any variety of knock out material.
Potion of Truth telling- liquid form of telol

Wand of light: flashlight
Belt of Force: inertia screen
belt of invisibility: holo screen
rod of desintegration: laser rifle (very rare)

Skills: operate magic items- LOG based skill roll and give the PC a good chance of figuring out a tech item.

problems to over come: figure a way to rate classic D&D magic charges to an item for the PCs to track the power useage on an item or the GM tracks the power and just tells the PC when the magic runs out.

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