Official Time Line (according to Zeb's)

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June 7, 2009 - 3:00am
Your mileage may vary, but this is what was officially published and the events herein serve to fuel these historical games...

10,500 pf. (Pre-Frontier) Last remnants of the mysterious Tetrach Societies die out.
950 pf. Heliopes left on starmist by Clikks after a Clikk military exploration vessel is forced to jettison unnecessary cargo.
800 pf. The evolution of the Mechanon race begins on Volturnus.
410 pf. First Vrusk/Dralasite contact.
350 pf. First Vrusk/Human contact
302 pf. Fromeltar system discovered by Dralasites.
300 pf. Vrusk, Dralasites, and Humans meet for the first time on the Frontier.
299 pf. Theseus system discovered by Humans.
270 pf. Yazirians enter the Frontier.
270-4 pf. The Frontier is founded.
260 pf. Gran Quivera discovered in the Prenglar system.
256-248 pf. Triad and Rupert's Hole found in the Cassidine system.
230 pf. Pan-Galactic Corporation started on Gran Quivera.
220 pf. Dixon's Star system discovered by Humans.
210 pf. Madderly's Star system discovered by Vrusk and Humans.
205 pf. Madderly's Star system becomes a human system after the freeworld rebellion on Kdikit.
200 pf. Pale and New Pale discovered in the Truane's Star system.
170 pf. Dramune system discovered by Dralasites.
168 pf. Anthor system discovered by Yazirians.
161 pf. K'tsa-Kar system discovered by Vrusk.
156 pf. K'aken-Kar ssytem disovered by Vrusk.
155 pf. Gruna Garu system discovered by Yazirians.
152 pf. Timeon system discovered by Humans.
150 pf. The Pan-Galactic language accepted throughout the Frontier as a common trade tongue.
146 pf. Kizk'-Kar system discovered by Vrusk.
129 pf. Araks system discovered by Yazirians.
125-10 pf. The Age of Adventure. The discovery and exploration of new planets slows down for the next century while the major races concentrate on mapping the hazards and boundries of the Frontier. Hundreds of exploration vessels and brave spacers are lost during this time. Meanwhile, the discovered planets begin to develop. Thousands of fortunes are made and lost during the Age of Adventure.
124-78 pf. The Greater Morass is mapped.
94 pf. Scree Fron system discovered by Yazirians.
77-57 pf. The Xagyg Dust Nebulae is mapped from Zebulon to Fromeltar.
61 pf. The Zebulon system is discovered by Professor Alorne Zebulon, the Frontier's most noted scientist, explorer, and educator. The planet Volturnus is settled almost immediately. Anker is discovered but not settled until 57 pf.
60 pf. White Light system discovered by Humans.
57 pf. Anker (Zebulon system) is sexplored and settled. Professor Zebulon founds the University of Zebulon.
56-40 pf. The White Light Nebulae are mapped.
39-33 pf. The Yreva Nebula is mapped.
37 pf. Pan-Galactic becomes the first mega-corp in the Frontier.
32-26 pf. Thirty-two exploration vessels are lost trying to map the Lessere Morass. Only the area between Screen Fron and Zebulon is mapped.
25 pf. A small pirate fleet under Hatzck Naar raids the Cassidine and Prenglar systems. The first Common Muster is called.
22 pf. Hatzck Naar's pirate fleet is defeated off Timeon. Naar is ejected into space and slowly boils inside his spacesuit as he falls toward Timeon. The muster is dismissed.
21-10 pf. The Xagyg Dust Nebulae is mapped from Fromeltar to K'aken-Kar.
19-8 pf. The area beyond the Greater Morass claims hundreds of exploration vessels. Though it is believed that most Frontier races came from beyond the Greater Moras, all information about their origins have been lost. Exploration of the area ceases and it is named the Vast Expanse.
10 pf. Representatives of the four major races request that all explorations cease while delegates meet to form a unified defense and mutual interest organization.
3-2 pf. The First Sathar War is fought.
3 pf. The Sathar first appear. They attack the Truane's Star system.
3 pf. Pale and New Pale fall. The Great Exodus to Dixon's Star Ssytem takes place.
2 pf. The four races muster a spaceship fleet. The second Common Muster iscalled and put under the command of Admiral Morgaine, who immediately moves the fleet to the Cassidine system.
2 pf. The Battle of Triad. Morgaine's fleet performs a surprise attack on the invading Sathar fleet intent on ravaging Traid. The Sathar lose a third of their fleet.
2 pf. Dixon's Star system is attacked by Sathar fleet. Completely unprotected it is soon ravaged. Meanwhile Morgaine moves his fleet to the Prenglar system.
2 pf. The Sathar attack Gran Quivera in the Prenglar system. The Battle of the Two Fleets is fought. The Sathar fleet is routed and destroyed. Morgaine's fleet is seriously depleted and Morgaine dies in battle. With this mutual devastation the First Sathar War comes to an end.
1 pf. Morgaine's World in the Prenglar system is named after the fallen Admiral.
1 pf. The "Grand Meeting" of leaders of the four races takes place on Morgaine's World.

1 f.y. (Federation Year) The United Planetary Federation, a mutual defense organization, is established. All worlds of the Frontier, expecting another Sathar invasion, immediately join. Under UPF authority, Spacefleet becomes a permanent defensive force.
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