KnightHawks Starship Design

    Version: 0.8.2
    Project: Online Ship Generator
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    Updated: June 11, 2009 - 10:17pm
    Submitted: jaguar451
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    A spreadsheet for using canon-ish rules to design KnightHawks ships: civilian ship, paramilitary ships, and military ships.  The rules were heavily inspired, influenced, and copied from previous design rules such as Expanded Ship Design (Kveldulf for engine efficiency /ADF calculations), KH:INT (Rob), and Shadow Shacks house rules foradditional systems.

    Note on Canon-ish: can't use canon rules to create Military or Paramilitary ships (Paramilitary ships from Dragon.) So, tried to define rules that get one close... 

    It is implemented using OpenOffice 3 Calc (spreadsheet) for multi-platform (my work is on OS X.)