Weapon and Gun Control

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February 7, 2009 - 3:51pm
What levels of Gun and weapon control should we codify for the setting?

1 Severely restrictive (no weapons out side the hands of the government- its for the citizenry's own good)

2. Restrictive (weapons permited for sporting and recreational use but with tight licensing and control- no military grade firearms or munitions meaning that lasers and gyrojet and such weapons have their high rate of fire physically reduced and SEU output on laser pistols is physically modified to a max of 3 and on laser rifles a max of 5- gun running of unmodified weapons is serverely punished as you must have criminal intent to want such weapons) kind of like modern day America where a 12 gauge shot gun is permited but it must not be able to accept more than 3 rounds of ammo.

3. Mildly Restrictive. High damage output weapons usually require a job in law enforcement, security, or such but most weapons available with proper licensing. Military grade grenades, and ammo is prohibited.

4. minimal restirctions - Possible to own high damage output weapons for sport and recreational and informational purposes but their open use is prohibited- licensing or lack there of wont stop a serious gun collector.

5. No restrictions- Wild West Baby!

A. citizen militia service (this option is in addition to options 1 - 4) meaning those options form the prevailing situation but every citizen of a certain age bracket is required to have a military grade long rifle and 5 clips of ammo to respond to threats against the state, society, replublic or community as part of their civil service duties to their government and to attend a monthly drill practice.

B. Caste honor code weapon- This is in adition to options 1-5 where those are the prevailing situation and this code requires all members of a particular class to carry a particular weapon as a point of honor (a sword or such) and usually implies dueling as legal.

C. Archaic weapons permitted- this option is a modification of #1-2 where the above is the prevailing situation and these items are allowed by tradition, need, or what ever reason. There may or may not be licensing and ammo restrictions (like stock piling to much black powder).

these cassification on gun and weapon control will impact PCs a number of ways. 1. stepping off a ship with such a weapon 2. trying to procur a weapon and 3. NPC reaction to weapon use.
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December 2, 2009 - 12:01pm
Ooh, yeah, this is something to work on.  I've seen similar in other systems, a simple licensed/military, up through a complex coding system.  Definitely, we should work up a system for how legal weapons are throughout the UPF.  Thanks for the ideas!
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w00t (not verified)
December 8, 2009 - 11:58am
I've been working on a similar system with the following additions;
  1. Adding a column to the AD equipment table; Availability
  2. Permit fee's, restricted license and legality of equipment (weapons, defense and some general gear).
  3. Contacting the black market, availability and conditions of equipment. (Legal, Permit, Licensed, Restricted and Illegal)
  4. Selling legal and illegal equipment (private and black market)
The black market would have legal equipment but would most likely be stolen and perhaps traceable.