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August 14, 2007 - 5:22pm

I posted this in the Cybernetics forums, but I'd like to post it here for your consideration. 

I've been studying the format of the traditional Star Frontiers materials and have figured out the elements and would like to suggest retaining those elements while simultaneously joining and isolating those elements. The Basic game was for playing WITHOUT a Referee. The Expanded game was for playing WITH a Referee and gave instructions to the Referee.

In the tradition of Star Frontiers, I suggest providing both basic and expanded rules, but side-by-side instead of in two books. We simply provide the basic rule in a callout, and then the expanded rules merely expand on the callout.

Next, a focus of the expanded rules was to provide rules for Referees. So, in "Referee's Note" boxes we include the information targeted at the referee. This includes instructions on making rulings and when private rolls should be made.

This way gives a way for all players to enjoy the game. Kids can play the basic game with spaceships and the big kids and adults can include cybernetics in their Referee'd games without overcomplicating the basic or oversimplifying the expanded.

This also requires that there be instructions for creating a Basic campaign separate from the instructions for the Expanded campaign, but both being subsections to the Campaign section.