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    Interface annoyances: pager location, disabling RTF editor

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    On thread with multiple pages, the links for moving on to next page (2, Next, Last...) should be duplicated at the top of the pages. Also whenever one changes the enable/disable rich text... the thread is reset to the top of the first page. Having everything move one back to the top of the first page is rather aggravating and makes navigating through the forums confusing. FIXED: I put pager bars at the top and bottom of a discussion in a forum, but keep the original poster's Topic page sticky above the discussion, to help keep people on subject. I can't do anything about how client-side javascript close() commands are interpreted, and yes: most of them will repaint (though not refresh) the screen and move the scrollbar to the top without me being able to stop it. If anyone else comes up with a work-around, please let me know otherwise I'm closing this issue.

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    August 13, 2007 - 11:41am
    I called this "Fully Resolved" but realized it's got a second half I didn't address.  Fortunately, the "disabling RTF editor" issue is actually duplicated in Issue 28... same issue.
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