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January 10, 2008 - 3:50pm

Well, my daughter and I wanted to share this. After a bit of playing, and searching the web, we both found that there doesn’t seem to be maps to all the worlds in the Frontier. I’ve seen the mini Topographical maps above some of the planet descriptions, but we want more. We agree that the information in the Zebulon’s guide is great, but we are both “Map-o-philes” and love pouring over old maps (what a hobbitish thing to say…), and seeing where we’ve been and where to go next. We both felt that this is what SF is all about… Exploration. Any who, from this I came up with her next adventure…

In game, my daughters character while planet side investigating an old distress signal, finds a derelict ship. While “borrowing” parts to help rebuild her own ship, her companion Pal’reat (Yazirian) finds a special bit of equipment that seems to be still running off its own power. Thinking that this could be worth some creds on the black market, they take it (and the extra parts) back to there own ship. After hours of trying to crack its coding, Pal’reat stumbles across a subroutine and it activates. It informs them that the ship they were on, the Green Dusk, belonged to the WindRose Corporation and was on a mission to map new worlds for WindRose Travel Guides (think Frommers or Lonely Planet travel guides). The core of the guide is in this little device and the WindRose Corporation wants it back and will pay her team to return it. They will also give her bonuses for any other worlds they map along the way. After a bit of negotiation, my daughter and her companions, Pal’reat and Neex (her Dralasite ship mechanic) agree to take up where the Green Dusk left off. Little do they know there are others looking for the device as well.

I created some mapping guides that I will use to keep a running tally of all the worlds she visits. Out of fun, we are also creating maps of all the known worlds, two of which are attached including all the information we could gather on Morgaine’s World and Gran Quivera. Just for fun, we are planning to map every planet in the Frontier and Rim Worlds. If anyone is interested, I have also included the blank sheets for their own use if they would like…

Morgaine's World
Gran Quivera
GeoQuilt Sheet
GeoPatch Sheet

I'll be making these into PDF's and placing them in the Download section this weekend.
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Rum Rogue
January 10, 2008 - 6:01pm
Thats cool.  Looks really good.
Have fun making them.  I look forward to seeing more.
Time flies when your having rum.

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Corjay (not verified)
January 10, 2008 - 6:52pm
This is great stuff. I look forward to seeing your write-ups.

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w00t (not verified)
January 10, 2008 - 7:58pm

w0w w0w w0w !
keep it coming.


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Doc Fishbone
January 11, 2008 - 1:39pm
That is some really good stuff...hats off to you and your daughter!
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Devin Parker
January 25, 2008 - 2:30pm
Beautiful charts.  I'm looking forward to seeing the others, not to mention using your blank charts.