Magic Paraphernalia

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January 6, 2008 - 3:10am
I don't understand why I'm cursed with ideas about magic. My interest is in making a balanced non-magical campaign, but here I am adding more to the magic stuff. I guess I'd just like to guide the magic stuff in a way that makes historical sense to me.

Magical Items
These are artifacts that have spells cast upon them for a purpose. Magical items often have curses or blessing attached to them, though may simply have a spell on them good for producing a specific effect. Though avatar vessels may often be confused for magical items, and in fact spellcasters do not worry about correcting the difference, magical items are distinctly different in power and function.

An avatar can be an artifact, creature, or sentient being that channels a spirit (familiar). The object to which the spirit is attached is known as a vessel. A spirit can attach itself by choice, by a spell, or by the request of a deity. A corpse is not an avatar. In fact, attaching a spirit to a corpse without reanimating it will result in the caster being cursed with necropsy. Animated corpses are not avatars, but are simply undead, and must subsist from living flesh. A body (live or dead) that is given animation by a spirit is not an avatar, but is instead known as a revenant or simply possessed.

Avatars may be inherited, chosen, or received when it chooses the character. By whatever means the spellcaster acquires the avatar, the spellcaster is meant to have the avatar and the avatar wants to be with the spellcaster. Their bond is that of spirit and kinship.

The avatar is a mouthpiece for the spirit that is attached to it and may only be understood by the person to whom the avatar belongs, by those it wishes to understand it, and by those with a similar avatar. It communicates in whatever way it can use, such as tail taps, grumbles, guided reflections of light, or casting a spell.

The spirit attached to the object does not possess the object but is intead attached in such a way that whereever the object goes the spirit must follow, but the object always goes where the spirit wants it to.

The avatar lends its power to the spellcaster for whatever purpose it deems worthy and it councels the spellcaster in the ways of magic and even in decision-making.

Focusing Implements
Focusing implements are not magical in themselves, though magic and spirits can be attached to them.
Wooden Sticks (wands, canes, and staves) - channel power, increasing success rates and even damage. These may be layered with metals and gems and thereby even have spirits attached as an avatar.
Orbs - allowing clairvoyance and clairaudience spells to be channeled, increasing success rates and distance. These are often sat upon metal-lined, jewel-encrusted wood mounts, allowing enhanced power and spirit attachment.
Gems - concentrate and eminate power, as well as release delayed effects when crushed. The primary means by which spirits are attached to items in creating avatars.
Metals - Absorb and Eminate power, making it ideal for magical weapons. These are most often encrusted with gems for attaching a spirit to. This is why so many magical weapons have unique names attached to them for which their legends grow. Talismans are also common uses of jewel-encrusted metal.
Arcane Documents - The secrets of a character's spell skills are usually kept in jealously guarded scrolls, tomes, or spell books. Whatever the form of book, the writings contain cryptic scribbling and notes that aid the character in their spell casting. Although once a character learns a Spell Skill the character may always cast those spells, a character that loses their ‘spell book' is a disadvantage when regaining spell points (see Spell Point Renewal). Spell books are often locked, trapped, and otherwise guarded carefully. Spell books themselves are not magical unless spells are cast upon them. They may even be written in ink that either allows a non-magical person to benefit from the spell, or to set a trap for an unsespecting reader. They may also be constructed with particular woods, metals, and gems to ensure such magics. An arcane document may even have a spirit attached as an avatar.

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Corjay (not verified)
March 6, 2008 - 9:27pm
I just realized that candles and incense are implements that may lend to the casting of a spell. Considering that candles and incense are also used in spiritual rituals suggests that they can help more than just wizard-like characters, but religious miracle-workers as well.

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March 17, 2008 - 6:59am
To be honest, I havn't worked on this lately... but I like your ideas.
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