Existing Knight Hawk Ship Design resources....

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November 21, 2007 - 10:04pm
I pulled this infor together for another thread, and thought it might be of interest here....

Below are some of the various resources / existing rulesets that I've come across for spaceship design in Star Frontiers : Knight Hawks. (am I missing any?)

The "canon" rules....

From Dragon Magazine (http://www.starfrontiers.com/rules/Dragon/listing.htm -- search for 'KH:' or the below articles):
  Yachts & Privateers
  An interstellar Armory
  The Frontiers of Design
Knight Hawks: Vector : http://arsponline.org/game.html or http://www.starfrontiers.org/downloadables.asp, search for Vector

Knight Hawks Intermediate: http://www.starfrontiers.org/downloadables.asp (search for Knight Hawks Intermediate)

The Fronter News Network (FN)
  http://majestic-worlds.com/fnn/publications/FNN-AC-1/expert-tactical-operations-manual.html & http://majestic-worlds.com/fnn/publications/FNN-AC-1/armor-design.html

Kamikaze's House Rules:   http://kuoi.asui.uidaho.edu/~kamikaze/StarFrontiers/KnightHawks.html

House Rules project on this site (Shadow Shack's rules)

Various articles in the Frontierman...