Issue 8: Origins Not Set In Stone

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November 14, 2007 - 11:51am
Refer to: Issue 8: Origins.

I created this project specifically for working on the article for Star Frontiersman displaying the Origins tables I developed. I would like to remind you all that the origins tables of issue 8 are not set in stone. If there are any adjustments you think should be made, let me know in this thread. The origin tables are for the origins the character only. They are not for family origins. They are not for personality traits. I have planned a future article for personality traits that I don't wish to sidetrack on at this time.

I would like help on fleshing out the background descriptions and any ideas you might have for improving the tables.

The tables have 37 options at this time under 3 tables. This creates hundreds of thousands of options. The tables cover Environment for the character's ecology in youth, Culture for the character's family characteristics, and Life for the choices the character has made and/or indcating the experiences the character has had before getting out on his/her own.

Please note that each description covers only the description of the option on its particular table. The options do not bleed into each other in any way. Also, provide a skill bonus if applicable (Note, not a skill, but a bonus for a particular subskill, not for a whole skill set). For example:

Description: You were encouraged to be competitive in everything. As a result, you've become a great hand-to-hand fighter, excelling in things like wrestling, gyroball, and martial arts.

Skills Bonus: Martial Arts +5

You will note that the descriptor covers only the Competition option from the Culture Table and does not cross into territories belonging to other tables. Note how unique and isolated the Fostered option from the Life Table is:

Description: You were placed in government care and sent from foster family to foster family, mostly just laboring for them before being kicked out again.

Skills Bonus: Survival +5

The Competitive option covers only the cultural background to encourage competition, while the Fostered option covers only the character's experience of being sent from home to home. These two options can be easily blended together to create a more complete background. That's what the descriptors are for.

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w00t (not verified)
November 14, 2007 - 12:28pm
I plan on reviewing your document, just wanted to get my thoughts up there Real Quick Like (TM)