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November 5, 2007 - 10:35pm
I have basically one source to add:  Atomik Alienz.  It's a system for creating alien races for use in game systems.  There was a free version that was based primarily on Fuzion rules, but usable for other systems as well (the one I have), but there is also a version you can buy on DrivethruRPG...

Here's the baseline "standard" human created from the Atomik Alienz rules...

Race: Human Being
Native Designation: Homo Sapiens Sapien
Homeworld: Earth (aka Terra)
Form: Multicelluar Carbon Based, 80kg ave.,4 EP
Physical Exterior: Skin (with hair follicles), 1 EP
Cardiovascular: Close Centralized, 1 heart, 5 EP
Fluid Type: Warm Blooded, 4 EP
Respiratory: Air Lungs, hold breath 5 min, 6 EP
Life-Span: 60 years (unaugmented), 12 EP
Sleep-Time: 30% of the time, 5 EP
   Radiation, Extreme, Stunning, -4 EP
   Vacuum, Strong, Killing, -5 EP
Immunities: G-Forces, 8 Gs, 4 EP
Locomotion: Biped, Lateral Walker, 4 EP 
   Partial Swim, 2 EP
Feeding Method: Omnivore, 4 EP
Sensory: Sight, Optical, 4 EP
   Smell, 3 EP
   Taste, 2 EP,
   Touch, Direct, 2 EP
   Hearing, Sonic, 3 EP
Communication: Vocal Comm, Sonic, 2 EP
   Body Comm, 1 EP
Neural: Neuro-Electrochemical, Centralized, 5 EP
Special Features
   Secondary Limbs, 1 pair, 4 EP
   Fine Manipulators (both limbs), 6 EP
   Visage Manipulators (on feet), 0 EP
   Visage Tail, 0 EP
   Crushing Jaw, 1 EP
Racial Complications: None
Scale: x1 Human-scale

It's a pretty cool system and you can create a whole bunch of different races for play.  The only real problem would be modifying everything to fit the SF system as some of the "abilities" are coded specifically to the Fuzion system...  As I understand it the version on DrivethruRPG is a universal system...

Any other sources out there? Money mouth


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w00t (not verified)
November 5, 2007 - 10:49pm
Chameleon wrote:
There was a free version

Can you provide a link?

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November 6, 2007 - 10:04pm
This is where the files used to be...

Apparently the original author sold the rights to a publishing company and so the free version was taken down.  If you'd like a copy (zipped or rarred), drop me a line and I'll send one...