Outer-Frontier maps

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Shadow Shack
November 4, 2007 - 2:52am
Oh,man...I have a slew of maps beyond the borders of the Zeb's star-map. I gotta get access to a scanner! In a nutshell I have the pirate systems "south" of the Frontier, another set of systems home to the Zuraqqor and two othe alien races that are "east", sathar systems in the "northeast", one "north" that I dubbd the "Terrestrial Rim" sporting a parallel-Earth system along with homes to two more alien races, and another that is northwest that I never finished developing.
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November 4, 2007 - 1:42pm
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November 12, 2007 - 5:51am
This project will really take off once we have starmaps.  I seem to recall some private campaign settings on the net that expanded the Frontier in all directions, providing some guidelines and new races... but I've been searching and not finding those maps.  Anyone have any memory of this?  Any links?
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Corjay (not verified)
November 18, 2007 - 2:23pm
I recommend that you leave the naming of the systems up to the players, to give them more of the exploration feel. Give the stars and systems designations like M32 or MT486, as they would be designated by an astronomer.