Zachariah Slade

    Basic Information


    Ability Scores

    Initiative Modifier:
    Punching Score:
    Ranged Weapons:
    Melee Weapons:


    Walking: 10 m/turn
    Running: 30 m/turn
    Hourly: 5 kph

    Racial Abilities



    Primary Skill Area:
    Beam Weapons:
    Level 3
    Martial Arts:
    Level 4
    Melee Weapons:
    Level 3
    Projectile Weapons:
    Level 5
    Thrown Weapons:
    Level 1
    Level 3
    Level 2


    FY 65    Zachariah Slade born to Bryce and Willowmena Slade, both famous xenobiologists. Zach and his two siblings follow in their parents footsteps.
    FY 85    Zach abandons his biology studies and signed up with the Anker Planetary Militia to fight in the Second Sathar War. Soon after joining, his battalion was conscripted by Landfleet.
    FY 86    Slade signs up for commando training and graduates from Landfleet's Ranger Training School. Qualifies as Expert with Projectile Longarms and Sidearms.
    FY 88    Trains with the Yazirian warriors of the Gorlia Clan. Becomes best friends with Ke'nd Ra'baan, a warrior of Gorlia's Prime Bloodline. The Yazirians' warrior code and outlook become imprinted on Slade. His Ranger unit departs Araks to spearhead the invasion of Outpost #1.
    FY 89    Unit experiences heavy fighting during Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols. Gorlian Clan's Warriors asks to be attached to Slade's Ranger platoon.
    FY 90   Slade is captured by the Sathar. He is imprsoned in Gulag 57, where he is interrogated, tortured, and experimented on. Slade uses the Yazirian Battle Rage techniques he observed to prevent the Sathar from breaking him. He escapes from his cell during the final battle of SWII and releases his fellow prisoners (amongst them is Ke'nd Ra'baan). The POWs overtake the prison camp and most escape before the Sathar commandant destroys it with a self-destruct bomb.
    FY 91    Slade is rewarded UPF Congressional Medal of Valor for his actions during the liberation of Gulag 57. He later undergoes psychatric treatment to undo the psychological damage he suffered at the tendrils of the Sathar. Doctors note that while he is perfectly capable of functioning in society, his aggressive tendencies have been severely heightened by the Sathar.
    FY 92    Slade joins StarLaw, hoping to later join the Sathar Counter-Intelligence section.
    FY 93    Slade meets Sarah Denuve, a xenoarchaelogist, and falls in love.
    FY 94    Slade and Sarah marry. Later that year he is promoted to Deputy Agent and transfers to StarLaw's Port Loren Bureau where he joins their Sathar Counter-Intelligence team.
    FY 95    Ke'nd Ra'baan, who had himself joined StarLaw, seeks a transfer to the Port Loren office, but is denied. Slade goes to bat for his friend and get him the transfer.
    FY 96    Sarah gets the opportunity to study a recently discovered underground Sathar base at Outpost #1 that remained intact when its self-destruct system failed. Slade argues that it is too dangerous. The couple have a heated fight and Sarah leaves.
    FY 97    Sarah's research team disappears from Outpost #1. Slade and Ke'nd Ra'baan immediately leave despite orders forbidding them from doing so. After sneaking onto the planet and into the base, they discover recordings that indicate Sarah was targeted by Sathar collaborators in retaliation against Slade. They captured the team and were going to hold them until they could be handed over to the Sathar for reeducation. The recording indicates that Sathar contact is a underworld figure in Port Loren. A nearly unhinged Slade returns to Port Loren with Ke'nd Ra'baan and the pair begins to tear apart the city's organized crime groups in a search for the Sathar's contact.
    FY 98    After a year of bending StarLaw regs and ignoring his assigned duties, Slade finds himself now hounded by StarLaw'sInternal Affairs Division. This has done little to stop his crusade to find his wife. His maverick tactics have actually made him a minor celebrity in Port Loren, as several of his exploits have made the media broadcasts and the citizens tend to view him and Ke'nd Ra'baan as "hero cops".

    (Zachariah Slade was the first Star Frontiers character that I ever played. We tended to make the PCs in our game more experienced so that our adventures could be a little more cinematic. The main inspiration for Slade was Mel Gibson's character Riggs from the Lethal Weapon movies. My friend Darren played Ke'nd Ra'baan as the more reserved of the pair (sort of like Danny Glover's Murtaugh), which is sort of odd for a Yazzie. We had a blast with these characters and engaged in some truly over the tops stuff with them.  Ahhh, good times...)


    ID Card
    2 Autopistols
    Combat Knife
    Pocket Tool
    3 doses of Stimdose
    Wife's Locket
    Air Car
    Skeinsuit (civilian) & Albedo Screen
    Armored Trenchcoat (This is a houserule piece of equipment, so feel free to ignore it. This acts much like a combination skeinsuit and Albedo Suit. It has a ballistic Armor Rating of 8/4 and laser Armor Rating of 7 [meaning it stops 7 points of laser damage and 8 points of projectile & blunt damage and 4 points of piercing damage]. The coat's can take 50 points of each type of damage and its Armor Ratings are reduced by 1 for each 10 points of damage it suffers.)