Issue 7 Cover Teaser

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October 31, 2007 - 2:04pm
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3. We wear sungoggles during the day. Not because the sun affects our vision, but when you're cool like us the sun shines all the time.

-top 11 reasons to be a Yazirian, ShadowShack


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Corjay (not verified)
October 31, 2007 - 3:43pm
You rock!

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October 31, 2007 - 5:07pm
I think it looks great.  Let me know when the issue breaks.  I will download it, then I will start a ENWorld thread or two to pimp it.  Let the folks know, so they can join the revival too!!
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Rum Rogue
October 31, 2007 - 7:09pm
Ohh, shiny!!Surprised
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October 31, 2007 - 7:35pm
Looks great.

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October 31, 2007 - 9:10pm
Wow. Now I see what you've been up to.
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