Project: Star Frontiers 2000
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    Updated: October 22, 2007 - 11:10am
    Submitted: Rum Rogue
      SF2000 is an attempt to fuse the best parts of Alpha Dawn and Zebulon’s Guide into one system for use in the Star Frontiers game. Wherever possible, we have tried to keep the new system close to the old systems and made the changes simple. The major changes that you’ll see in SF2000 are: use of all skills from Zebulon's Guide, including a listing of optional new skills; conversion of all skills to an attribute-based system, a la the Alpha Dawn combat model; conversion of all Knight Hawks skills to mesh with the SF2000 system; overhauling professions to allow for Alpha Dawn/Zebulon’s Guide/unique tailoring of individual characters; and a tier system for determining adventure difficulty and character creation.