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June 14, 2023 - 8:29am
Okay started writing a FrontierSpace adventure.

Bad Company
PCs are awaken out of cryo. Alarms are going off. Each PC has amnesia, they have no idea where they are, who they are, what skills they have and what in tarnations is going on. PCs will have to discover their abilities, skills, personal identity and recover memories via game play. PCs must overcome a variety of challenges and threats to escape the base they are on.

All PCs will start as humans.
Secrets will be handed out during game play
PC abilities and skills will be created based on Role Playing.
Each player gets a little binder to take notes and jot down important information in. The first few pages will have some game information and a PC Sheet to fill out.

Threats... and Challenges 

1 malfunctioning cryogenic tube, random trapped PC will need help.
Unlock door to get into other areas of base.

Find clues about their identities.

Find clues concerning why they where in cryo and what was and is in the tanks on level 1.

They will need to locate tools, supplies and equipment throughout base.

3 malfunctioning robots throughout base, treat 2 as wandering monsters. Malfunctioning bot Number 1 is cause of first alarm that set off protocol to awaken PCs

Possible Contagious Disease on base. Something killed base staff. 

Retrieve some records personal, location, projects.

Security breach of base's quarantine.

Intruders: scavengers & pirate type NPCs (can be more than one species)

Cobalt Bomb (only partially disabled will start count down if computer decides aliens are attacking)

Wonky main computer

Escape to Seagull (a starship owned by scavengers)

Sketch of base map areas started

Theme Bad Company Album and songs on original Album

Goals first couple sessions:
1 teach players the game 
2 reveal parts of setting and backstories in play
3 encourage role playing

Need to work on bots 
Seagull's Scavenger crew
Bios of dead base crew
Decide on type of ship the Seagull is and deck plans, supplies, etc on board

PC Sheets
Basic Rules, terms and RP tips for putting in notebook folders 
3x5 cards:
Secrets and memory cards

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June 18, 2023 - 8:50am
I am going to be using FS for next sci fi game 

House Rule Change #1
First rule change I am making is how Destiny Points are handled, in my game I will have players always let me know before the roll if they want to use them, on some rolls just like the existing rules the points are spent but on others they will get them back if not necessary. I am trying to make sure they aren’t saying things like “I use my destiny points” I want them to say things such as “I feel lucky” or “I have a good gut feeling” or “fate is on my side”… I also might rename the mechanic for abbreviation purposes as Development Points and Destiny Points both are DP. So I am thinking Luck or Fate Points might be better for clarity purposes.
 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."

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June 18, 2023 - 8:50am
House Rule Change #2 Death

As soon as a PC is at 0 they, they make a roll like in the rules to see if they are just unconscious or dying… this is a STR check, if they save they are still unconscious but stable and will not start bleeding out, however if they don’t save the same roll is used to see how many rounds they live before bleeding out and dying. The maximum rounds I allow is 4. So on D0O that is 00-24, 25-49, 50-74, 75-99. They need help or will probably die. “Don’t die on me, man!” Mechanic: another PC if they reach the unconscious PC in time and don’t have medic skill can try to save their friend by rendering aid and saying “Don’t die” or “Stay with us” in some shape or form so the helping player does a modified INT check, if successful the PC stabilises at 0 until proper medical aid can be rendered. 

I am trying to encourage Role Playing, borrowing a few ideas on this one from ICRPG and 5e Hardcore. Next I need to address injuries and what they do.
 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."