Game Notes: SEA-BC

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September 3, 2022 - 5:32pm
Games Notes

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September 6, 2022 - 11:03pm

Mission 1:

Meeting for the first time, Prin, Vega and R.K. show up on time to the office of Bestway Recovery. Located on the 2nd level of The Village it was a small office with a lobby. The place looked a little run down. The waiting chairs weren't the newest things, or comfortable. There was a small desk with an older lady behind it. With red hair and big glasses.  On the desk was a nameplate that said “Trudy Shivers”. 

Trudy welcomed the new interns and introduced herself as the secretary for Bestway Recovery. But her name was pronounced SHY-VERS. The store manager Ray Campos is out for the day. After giving a brief job orientation speech and paperwork the team was ready for their first job. 

Trudy showed the team the job brief and it was a motorcycle retrieval.

Job Brief


To retrieve 2 ground cycles


2,000CR / per cycle retrieval  (10% Cut)

Bonus: Find out what they are up to and get proof. (500CR)

Total Possible: 900CR among employees + daily wages


The cycles were on loan to a courier subsidiary from the Brixton Company and are now past overdue. The corporation would like their assets back. 

They were loaned out to:

  • Jerry McCormick

  • Mathias Needlemeyer

These 2 individuals worked at a courier service (another subsidiary of Brixton Corp) that used these bikes for a job, but the bikes were never returned and reported lost. 

The tracking device on the bikes were terminated, but a city scan of the bikes determined where the bikes were located, and witnesses said that they saw Mr. Needlemeyer riding on one of the bikes. The Brixton Corporation thinks that the 2 individuals are not straight with them, and are lying to the corporation. The corporation believes there is something more going on.


Sources Say:

  • It's in a warehouse in the 1st level of the Village. (We have the address)

Equipment Loadout:

The Brixton Corporation will lend*:

  • 1 - Sonic Stunner 

  • 2 - ElectroStunner (locked on Stun)

  • 1 - Electric Sword

  • 2 - Stun Sticks

  • 6 (20 SEU Clips)

  • 3 - Civilian Skein Suits with the Brixton Logos on them.

  • Transportation waiver to the location

*Items must be returned upon payment. Non used perishables(SEU clips) and skeinsuits must be returned.

After the team equipped themselves, Zaiden who was secretly in another location controlling R.K.  hacked into the system and checked out the security cameras of the warehouse. There he found 2 cameras, one for the front and one for the back. He spied a security guard that was patrolling the front. He relayed the message to R.K. and the team started their way to the warehouse.

Taking back streets, trying to be stealthy, they did get some attention as passerbys whispered “weirdos” as they passed. For the team had tried to conceal themselves with plain clothes and trenchcoats.  

The party circled around the back into the alley way.  Then Zaiden then went to hack the cameras and doors.  Successfully putting the cameras on a loop and locking 4 of 6 of the doors.

The back door had to be picked by a technician which Vega happily did and succeeded.

Stealthily Prin entered noticing a Yazirian that was on security duty was reading some pamphlet about hair dye totally preoccupied.

The team set up for an ambush and successfully stunned the Yazirian. Just then 2 humans came down and a fight ensued. 

Ultimately the team stunned all the humans, they found the lost Motorcycles and searched the premises.  Finding various items like 4 SEU Clip, and around 20 vitasalt pills amongst other things.  Prin then took all the weapons and Mathias Needlemeyers ID card.

They then removed the computer boards and headed back to base.

The team had to repair the computer, in the back of the office, in order to get back into the data. There they found a manifest of a list of serial numbers that were on the motorcycles and a list of fake serial numbers.  The names of Mathias and Jerry were on the manifest.

The team had the clues that they needed for the bonus.

In the end, they received the 900 Credit bounty along with their daily wages.  Plus a good plunder of weapons and clips.

After the day, the party went home to set up camp and Prin's apartment. Looking to buy cameras and security. (which we can do next session)

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September 6, 2022 - 11:09pm

Mission 2

Later that night, Prin takes the spoils of the power clips, Vitasalt pills, electro stunner and ID card to an old Vrusk acquaintance - Cryzak Ch’tock. Prin heads down to level one of The Village where she remembered her old friend’s shop used to be. As she enters the non-descript warehouse and walks towards Cryzak’s office, she diligently takes note of any parts or vehicles that may be listed in future missions. Upon seeing Cryzak, Cryzak appeared happy, or as happy as a Vrusk can appear. After a brief re-acquaintance and a  moment of Cryzak trying to get Prin to become a link again, he informs Prin that he doesn't deal in such small items, he only deals with vehicles and that she should try Little Fremalter. Located on level two of The Foundry.

Knowing that Little Fremaltar is a shady neighborhood located in the Foundry, Prin asks Vega to accompany her.

As they meander between the make-shift shanties of Little Fremaltar towards the market stalls, being not of the Dralasite race, they were prime targets for hawkers and street traders. At one point a Dralasite hawker came immediately up to the pair to sell them hot watches, sulfuric dralasite cologne (its the real deal, really).  Vega stood in between Prin and the Hawker. As soon as Prin asked if he deals with ID cards, the Hawker suddenly got the vibes that they were the police and skittered off into the darkness.

They continued towards the market stalls and they heard a call from one of the market owners. The stall had all sorts of things in it. His name was Darbo Jarvis and he took a liking to Prin. He called out to them to see if they needed anything.

Dorbo Jarvis seemed a friendly Dralasite Face, who was going to offer SEUs at 30% Discount. After being pushed about the goods, he was hesitant, but said that possibly in the lower levels of the Foundry. He didn't know who though.

Feeling defeated, Prin and Vega decided to call it a night and head back home.

The next day, the team headed into work. Trudy was excited to see them. For in the back office they can hear a loud gruff voice.  The manager, Ray Campos, was back and on the phone.  He heard the new team enter and stuck his head out the door. “Ahh! Its the new Reco interns!  Glad to finally meet ya and I heard great things about you. I expect I will hear more!” He then puts the phone back to his ear and closes the door.

Trudy hands the team the new job brief:

Job Brief


To retrieve a Skimmer [ Identification BRX:SA:763 ]


6,000CR Vehicle retrieval  (10% Cut)

Total Possible: 600CR among employees + daily wages


A Skimmer was reported stolen while one of our administrator’s was in a meeting.


  • Tracking tag checked in area of Foundry Level 2: “LIttle Fromeltar” a Dralasite neighborhood

  • Little Fromeltar is located in the Starboard Sector

  • No skeinsuits will be supplied- they may attract unwanted attention

Weapons Loadout

The Brixton Corporation will lend:

  • 3 - ElectroStunner NO TERMINATIONS

  • 3 (20 SEU Clips)

  • Administrative Vehicle Key Card

  • Transportation waiver to the location

The team immediately departs and takes the monorail down to the second level of The Foundry.

They exit the monorail on the farthest Starboard platform and decide to make their way down the main drag.

The first thing the party comes along is the Tectonic Drill Bit. A night club of sorts.  Deep thumping bass can be heard from within the building. The building itself is only one story. Has water tanks above and fans. The windows on the front were blackened out but only with neon signs.  The main neon sign was a drill bit animated drilling down. In the street light that shown the door stood a Dralasite doorman. A big fellow slowly nodding his head to the down-tempo music thumping from within.

The party decides to head in, but is immediately stopped by the bouncer. “We dont want your type here”, in his deep breathy voice. Vega tried to intervene but quick on the note, the bouncer called for backup and instantly another large Dralasite was standing behind him for support. Prin asks why and he replies, “You're not a Dralasite, go!”

As Prin and Vega head their way onward, they mention “racists” back to them. The Dralasites just nod in agreement.

By luck, they immediately spot the missing skimmer in the parking facility next to the Tectonic Drill Bit.

Using the administrative key, they enter the car and start to pull out of the parking spot. Just then, 3 dralasites come running out of the Tectonic Drill Bit yelling that someone is stealing their Skimmer. The 3 Dralasites jump on 2 hover bikes and chase ensues.

With Vega driving there is maneuvering happening, they slow the skimmer down for the hover cycles to catch up.  Prin, in the back, tries to use her electro-stunner but to no avail firing wide.

As the hover cycles catch up, R.K. jumps on one, but the driver loses control and comes to a skid. R.K. wrestles with the single driver and throws him off. The driver runs off in a panic.

The other hoverbike with the two Dralasite continues to  follow the skimmer. The skimmer makes it way through the city streets trying to make it to the onramp to the upper levels. 

Roadblock! The onramp was blocked by a car with two Dralasites waiting. Vega skids around a corner and continues past the on ramp down the street. 

Trying hastily to catch up, the hover bike accelerates at an alarming speed to catch up to the skimmer, but  mis-judges its speed and shoots past the skimmer and rams into back of another car causing a severe crash injuring all the parties involved.

Vega turns the skimmer down an alleyway to try to circle back but sees the car, that was blocking the on ramp, start their pursuit.  Through the alley ways and under the monorail the skimmer speeds ahead to a now clear and open on ramp to the upper levels.  The Dralasite’s car does not follow.

Meanwhile, R.K. took the hoverbike from the Dralasite and made his way up the ramp after the car unblocked it, eventually meeting up with the party and the repossessed vehicle. 

Returning the job early to the back warehouse of Bestway Recovery, Ray thanked them told them good job and to have a great rest of their dayl

The team got paid 600 CR along with 9XP.

And Prin was going to take the Hoverbike to Cryzak to see what they could get for it.

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September 13, 2022 - 3:04pm

Night of Day 2

Prin arrives at Cyrzak’s chop and negotiates a price for the newly acquired hoverbike.  After much persuasion and failing, the typical 10% of vehicle blue book applied and Prin only could get 200 credits for the bike.

Prin then decides to do a walkabout in the city. Curiosity of the upper levels was on her mind. Taking the city elevator terminals up to Corpo-Town 3 levels up, she arrives through the Corpo-Town lobby of the Elevator Tower

She is greeted by a well dressed Vrusk behind a desk. Asking for her to scan her ID card.  Prin does a scan and she is surprised that it buzzes with denial. After asking the front desk vrusk about access to go to Corpo-Town, the vrusk realized Prin was a new intern and told her she would need permission. She could find all that information in her Brixton Corporation New Employee Orientation Kit. Defeated, she started to head back down the Village.

Meanwhile in a hidden warehouse somewhere, Tam, or Zaidan by his call name, resides in a hyperbaric chamber with his computer and effects inside of a container with all the necessary life support needed.  He is working with R.K. the cyborg and using him to be his influence in the outside world.  Tam gets the urge to hack the system. 

First attempt, Tam has R.K. connect his computer to the Brixton Public Information network Kiosk. Tam, gathers info on the structure of the company and tries to hunt any weak points of entry that he may obtain. Learning that most secure data resides only on premises of the division he would like to hack. 

After learning that, he decides to try the cloud approach. To rent a machine in a colocation of public servers that are rentable to the masses. After successfully hacking into the network he came across 167 pingable addresses that were companies within a list of 400 addresses.

Only after investigation, he realized that Tronxies S&M services, Baloo’s Trading Card Emporium, or the Yazirian Porn Portal were only private small businesses and nothing linked to the Brixton Corporate Secure servers. It was a public colocation.

Defeated, He then had R.K. start a conversation with Prin and Vega about a bank robbery to probe the Brixton System.  Much time had passed learning about The Pan Galactic Corporation Banking System,  Tokens, and how ID Cards move credits around. Surprisingly, the credits move with the ID card and are not centrally located through the bank.  

They did find a loophole though. Banks do exist, such as in Port Loren. The sole purpose of those banks is to give Loans to people for large Purchases.  If the party got a loan, they may have access to the Pan Galactic Banking system and find a way to transfer money multiple times to launder stolen credits. This conversation lasted late into the night