Pay to Play in Star Frontier?

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March 21, 2022 - 7:23am
Concept is a throw back to 1980s PBM which morphed into PBEM and to my surprise both PBM and PBEM still exists today. 
Leveraging the Patreon platform - you join the patreon you can join the game. 

Game Master's commitment- highly detailed sand box in one system- White Light- a lot of flesh out material between WoWL module and the FE magazine. Clarion Station, Planaron Ore Processing STation, culture of miners and wildcat prospectors. Clarion could use more development. 

would port in tools from say SwoN for developing organizations and stuff they have happening like 
Bugetary cuts impacting the RM, the Libertation Front is purchasing illegal arms and explosives with long term goal to assassinate Lord X the Prime minister etc. Monthly News bulletins in game. thinking about including commerce campaigns Mining ships, freighters, ag ships. couriers etc. goal to present a living breathing non static setting.

Newsletter weekly or monthly? keeps people in contact with the game. reminds them to check in and post. might include things like New shop openning on Clarion station- map and write up. that sort of thing so its bonus content.

Initial limit on players 12-15 to see how things go. I enticipate that a turn advance will take 1.5-2 hours to write but I could be badly wrong on this and it could be 3 hours

Kicking around numbers
$10, $12, $15 per month

if it was 10 players at $10 that would be a $100 with weekly remuneration of $25- I would not want more than 1 trun advance per week with those numbers

if it was 10 players at $12 that would be $120 with a weekly remuneration of $30- could begin to think about 2 turn advances per week 

if it was 10 players at $15 that would be $150 with a weekly remuneration of $37.50- 2 turn advances 

I dont think that $20 might be too steep not sure.

Style: I would call it The Rogues of White Light as the name would immediately suggest that this is not going to be a militia game. 

Open ended sand box although I will plan adventures tied to adventure hooks and rumors. 

might even allow for different PC groups to be running on different time stamps like PC group one is pursuing a commerce campaingn on a mining ship so their normal game moves look like days but PC group two found a derelict ship and is doing basically a dungeon crawl on it which is slower and when they finish we'll catch them up to the other group by whatever the difference in time is handwaving that nothing much happend except they collected a paycheck- give them the money for that time, deduct expenses and resnyc them with PCs group one in time. 

I'm tryig to wrap my hands around would a pay to play game work for both the GM and for the players? Comments?
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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March 21, 2022 - 7:39am
Things a player could do:

via chroncom at any time while connected to the data net on Clarion/Clarion station or at Plannaron Station access the bulletin board of public news and classifieds (some are plot hooks) 

If the PC has learned that NPC x (say a bartender) usuauly has the skinny on black market stuff- go buy a drink talk to NPC for a rumor- could do random rumors but each one costs a drink- could lead to a smuggling job or other 

the Environmental skill has rules for Analyzing Ecosystems involving 200 hours of study of an ecosystem. the basic idea might be adapted o other skills for example a player might want to design a specific piece of equipment themselves- an attachment for a weapon maybe- could use the same basic rule mechanic as in Ecosystems to accomplish this. 

action can shift from days to KHs turns to AD style turns and back, time keeping is GMs responsibility.

to a certain degree players have to be self starters to pursue adventure threads they want. they can join different crews and be part of various endeavors. they can have  their character go "quiet'" doing something like Analyze Ecosystems that take a large number of hours to accomplish because they happen to be going away on vacation and wont be able to check in with the game so its possible to let a character coast doing something over that time. 
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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March 22, 2022 - 6:48am
If this was used to fund this site and (or whatever it becomes) that would be great, IMHO. One thing I do wonder abou though is IP. As SF is still WotC's IP, I don't know if it would be possible to ask for money for this type of game.

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April 16, 2022 - 10:49am
Yep, pay to play still exists. No reason I can see for it being a bad thing. 

SF is a simple fun game... perfect for folks who are okay for fast play... not perfect for people used to to d of resources they can write computer programs to pull up every contingency... there appears to be a lot of these players and DMs now.

However good news is people keep making house rules, striping 5e back, simplifying and creating faster simpler play rules so I think SF could really take off again, but it has to be presented to people better. I just chatted with a DM who did a SF campaign, he and his players got frustrated by what can best be described as lack of rules... so there is a definite difference of mentality between those of us who have played gaming systems off and on since the 1970-1980s (and are okay kit bashing, narrowing, changing stuff and not having a book for everything) verses the modern folks (I've bumped into this before) these folks tend to gasp when I shrug and say if you don't know rule on it anyway... make the rule, change a rule that doesn't work, say no, say yes, what odds do you think to succeed. 

The idea that you can change things, it's okay not to know or even have every rule in print is okay... is just starting to come back. In addition people are starting to discover (often to my amusement) that things they think are modern gaming and no one did in the early days actually existed early on. 

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