A New (working) Chat System
    I've set up a Discord chat server for the Star Frontiers Community.  This server is now linked from this site, the Frontier Explorer site, the Star Frontiers Facebook group, and the Google Plus Star Frontiers community.

    There is a "Who's Online" widget in the sidebar that shows who's currently in the server and contains a connect button allowing you to join the server.  Once you've used that button at least once, the "Chat" menu item at the top will also take you to the server (but doesn't have the invite link for the first time).  For those familiar with the old chat system, the "Invite to Chat" functionality in the sidebar navigation Buddylist no longer works.

    When you connect to the server, you are dropped into the text chat Spacer's Lounge by default but you are free to move to any of the other chanels (both text and audio).  You are also able to create new public or private channels as well for private conversations or playing a game in.  I'm looking in to adding a dice roller to the server as well.


    Announcement will remain for: -20195.9 hours.