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March 11, 2018 - 9:55am
Okay to keep things straight I am starting this thread as a place to work on the Timeline Redux... this will combine first FS, SE timelines, and house ideas and stuff from SF along with other games. 
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March 11, 2018 - 1:27pm

10,034 BC OTC -20257 GFT Foundation of the Moltrvrrz Empire.


2,425 BC OTC -12648 GFT The Moltrvrrz Empire reached its peak with a total control over 15,321 solar systems.


933 to 521 BC OTC -11156 GFT to -10744 GFT The Moltrvrrz Empire was brought to a halt with the start of the Tri-Mind Wars. Approximately 20% of its empire was destroyed; including the Home System. A period of stagnation and decay then set in which lasted until the start of the Terran-Moltrvrrz Wars.


1 BC OTC = -10,254 GFT


2,351 AD OTC -7904 GFT These Terran-Moltrvrrz Wars ended the Moltrvrrz Empire.


2,470 AD OTC -7785 GFT The Terran Confederacy embarked on the first phase of expansion which was ended by the 19 Month War.


2,703 AD OTC -7752 GFT In the 19 Month War, the military staged a coup and dissolved the Confederacy, at the same time defeating the Holrachian Tetrarch in two months. A period of peace lasting for 30 years ensued, followed by the Seven Hour Revolt.


2,734 AD OTC -7521 GFT The junta was replaced by a popular congress, marking the start of the second phase of Terran expansion, with Terra controlling close to 38,000 systems.


2,797 AD OTC -7458 GFT During this period the Sect of the Hand was founded.


3,274 AD OTC -7081 GFT The Sect of the Hand finally began a "holy war" to cleanse the Galaxy and convert all races to the faith. For the next 300 years a period of total war existed, which was ended only by the foundation of the Golden Empire of Terra and suppression of all religions.


3,575 AD OTC -6780 GFT Foundation of the Golden Empire of Terra.


3,581 AD OTC -6774 GFT Another expansion left Terra controlling 43,250 solar systems.


4,024 AD OTC -6331 GFT The Terran expansion ends with the War of Rightful Succession which collapsed the Empire and saw the founding of the Unitech Polity. (Star Empires page 5.) It is rumored that some of the viaing royal lines survived and escaped to unknown locations in the galaxy (House Notes)


4,125 AD OTC -6230 GFT The final expansion period of Terra with Terra controlling over 60,000 systems.


4,126 AD OTC -6229 GFT Ancestors of the starting population of humans in the other galaxy colony ship is caught in a cosmic event and deposited in another galaxy. They luckily find a new home and begin the very difficult task of building a colony with no support from the Unitech Polity alone in the galaxy. (House Note)


6,251 AD OTC -4104 GFT Then came the discovery of an empire of Terra's size, the Kolthumnx Swarm.


6,582 AD OTC -3773 GFT Following repeated border clashes, the War of Extermination took place.


6,732 AD OTC -3623 GFT The War of Extermination was followed by the Period of Shame, during which the remaining forces of each side were automated and programmed to seek out and destroy life.


6,893 AD OTC -3462 GFT The 161 years of automated forces destroying life resulted in the total collapse of Galactic civilization and the advent of the Three Millenia Dark Age.


??? AD OTC ??? GFT Yar detect habitable readings from a stable wormhole, a colonization fleet is built and launched. During an unspecified amount of time, the Yar colonization fleet drifts out of the Gravity Nexus, their systems come online and the crew awakens. They head towards the nearest system suspected to support life. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


9,932 AD OTC -423 GFT The foundation of the Young Kingdoms, nothing more is known of Terra and Kplthumhnx (not even the location of their home systems). It is hoped history does not repeat itself. (Star Empires page 5). Ken'rhael is founded by Yar in the Frontier. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205). Year of Yar ? (House Notes)


9,954 AD OTC -401 GFT Novim exodus begins. Their 48 arks depart from their masters to begin their generations-long journey from bondage. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


9,964 AD OTC -391 GFT Human research ship arrives in this system from a distant galaxy. It rashes on Hawthorne, second planet in Duergan's Star system, with a crew of 100. The Huamns fear they are all alone here. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


9.969 AD OTC -386 GFT Humans and Yar detect each other's transmissions, and dedicated long-range comms are built to communicate with their neighbors. Free traders from both races sense a lucrative opportunity and begin searching for stable routes. Many ships are lost, but not all agree it's from route miscalculations. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


9,973 AD OTC -382 GFT Yar begin exploration of systems nearby the Ken'rhael. Ships sent 7 light years north east never return, and that region of space is considered off-limits, even to this day. Drimm system is discovered and colonization begins.(FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


9,979 AD OTC -376 GFT Yar Clanarchy is formed. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205). 


9,985 AD OTC -362 GFT Chaynik-kai system founded by a massive Erakai colony ship, which mysteriously arrived out of The Great Wall nebula. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


9,993 AD OTC -354 GFT Human colony on Hawthorne (Duergan's Star) makes contact with their distant Human home world after sending probes to surrounding systems and finding many habitable worlds ready for migration. Human migration begins. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205)


9,999 AD OTC -348 GFT Yar colonization ship overshoots a system 12 LY west and drops out of subspace in the Void Nexus. Instruments detect a system nearby. The system is named Reachy Moraes, and its location is kept secret from the general public. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


10,007 AD OTC -340 GFT Yar colonization attempt in a system between Ken'rhael and Reachy Moraes fails reasons unknown. (Implied by timeline in FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


10,017 AD OTC -330 GFT A prominent Yar company, Varigon Research, comes into possession of mission data from the colonization effort 10 years previous and secretly searches for a system detected between Ken'rhael and Reachy Moraes. The system is found and named Varigon Research, the first colonization effort directed and executed by a company within the Yar Clanarchy. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


10,032 AD OTC -315 GFT 20 Human colony ships arrive from a distant Human galaxy and begin settling worlds in Kassel, Bhant, Tanoos, Daegon, and Firestar systems. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


10,042 AD OTC -305 GFT Human-Yar relations deepen with strong trade agreements. Defensive pact formed. Exchange of culture common. Corporations begin to hire one another's species based on qualifications and merit. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


10,052 AD OTC -295 GFT Erakai exploration vessel encounters a Human corporate mining ship. Initial encounter resulted in bloodshed on both sides. Fears over "invaders from The Great Wall" begin. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


10,065 AD OTC -282 GFT All but 3 of the original Novim arks arrive in the region. Third planet in the Inaecia system is named Invictus, after the navigator who discovered it. Their ships made additional claims in the Tiaunia and Perasia systems. The original arks were landed on the planets. Their ships were disassembled to form the foundations of their colonies. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).   


10,074 AD OTC -273 GFT Dr. Henry Nove invents the Quantum Coil, designed for sending packages fater-than-light between settled worlds, early tests show promise. First starship tested successfully later in the same year. The frontier dubs the new technology the "Nova Coil" despite Dr. Nova's patent filing clearly calling it a "Quantum Coil". (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


10,086 AD OTC -261 GFT Human expeditions find and settle in the Faranis, Microtia, and Krighton systems. Asimaaar system also discovered, but designated hazardous due to great winged reptiles that dominate the food chain and spit acid. The "Dragons" of Asimaar destroyed and devoured an exploration vessel and the vessel sent to rescue any survivors. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 205).


10,094 AD OTC -253 GFT After 20 years of testing, the first Nova Drive is made commercially available, improving FTL dramactically and replacing the dangerously unpredictable Subspace Drive. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 206).


10,100 AD OTC -247 GFT Envoy of Yar and Human deligates arrive in Chaynik-kai system. Erakai found to be peaceful merchants and industrious scientists. Trade agreements made. Erakai merchant ships begin arriving in various worlds in the frontier. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 206).


10,110 AD OTC -237 GFT Bioengineering breakthroughs in the Faranis system results in the elimination of many genetic maladies. Human lifespan increases dramatically through genetic treatments. Some criticize the Faranis government of going too far when they bioengineer a Protector Class of citizens, stronger and faster than normal Humans. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 206).


10,129 AD OTC -218 GFT Stigyia system. Ruins of an old abandonded alien civilization discovered, along with a star map showinging locations of other alien sites within the frontier. A time of exploration begins, where expeditions comprised of all races seek technology and secrets of this elusive ancient species whose sites are buried all across the frontier. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 206).


10,153 AD OTC -194 GFT Young Erakai merchant ship stolen from the shipyards by criminals. Erakai designate Vlasa-kai as their gateway star system and Chaynik-kai offlimits to non-Erakai, to protect their sacred shipyards. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 206).


10,166 AD OTC -181 GFT Novim explorers make first contact with Erakai merchants. First contact goes well. Exchange of culture and technology occurs. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 206).


10,169 AD OTC -178 GFT Religious-fueled revolution in the Faranis system. Old government executed publically. New government rejects bioengineering and declares Protector Class outlaw. Many flee the system; others form underground anti-government rebeliion. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 206).


-165 GFT Novim diplomats meet a ByaChem survey vessel scouting the Danasia system. This is the first contact between Novim and Humans. The two agree to share claims to the high mineral content located in the asteroid belt. (FrontierSpace Player's Handbook page 206).



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December 26, 2021 - 11:22am
Going to put this on hold as I'm working on a 5e work up
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