Reworking and Creating Cryptic Alliances, Sects, Cults and Cadres for FS

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March 4, 2018 - 12:22pm
Up first The Sect of The Apocalypse aka the Apocalypsites and the Knights of the Apocalypse. 

 (Inspired from both GW's The Apocalypse, Friends of Entropy/Red Death and the Templars from a really bad Italian movie that has several names... The New Barbarians/Warriors of the Wastelands.) 

 A religion whose followers believe that their ancient scriptures foretold the destruction of galactic civilization, some even believe their church's divine duty is to end the sinful civilizations of the galaxy. They believe no more children of the races responsible for the War of Extinction or the Period of Shame should be born. They believe it is the divine will that civilization collapsed and all races involved should die out as divine vengeance for civilizations' sins. Most followers of this faith are peaceful, they avoid propagating their species through various means, pray for divine salvation, preach zero population growth and spreading their take on God's plan as they see it. Generally this group supports suicide booths and legalization of suicide by any means, population controls through forced sterilization, capitol punishment of all kinds, and anything that will peacefully limit or decrease the sinful population. 

However a secret society exits within the larger faith known as the Knights of the Apocalypse, this group actively works to sabotage the rebuilding of planetary civilization and galactic civilization, any activity that will prevent "the seed of the bringers of the apocalypse" from spreading, or hinder it is considered a good thing... naturally the Knights do not want to die themselves as they have work to do, but they often propagate their faith on planets still on the edge of barbarism and not ready to go back to the stars, encouraging their followers to do God's work by mass murdering any "breeders"... and recruiting those young enough to train to be the next generation of Knights. These Knights are really twisted murderous cunning psychopaths. The Knights will however generally avoid killing communities of the converted Apocalypsites probably because they can recruit new Knights from them and receive aid as needed in support of their glorious work. The Knights have also been known to protect the Apocalypsites as long as the Knights feel they are spreading the word and participating in the divine plan of extinction. The Knights have been known to kill usually without mercy and using torture any Apocalypsite settlement or community they feel is tolerating heresy for example allowing children to be born amongst them. Kidnapping of children to convert is not considered heresy by either group, neither is killing children considered immoral. Apocalypsite communities in civilized space promote peaceful extinction as atonement for the sins of the ancestors and always claim to follow the local laws.

How closely the two groups are connected is not really known though, but it is suspected that the upper hierarchy of the Apocalypsites actually promotes both approaches towards the end of all life and controls the Knights. 

The Knights symbol is based on an ancient Terran symbol called the Ace of Spades. 

 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."

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March 4, 2018 - 3:58pm
The Sect Of The Hand

(Comes from Star Empires timeline page 5)

A religion that spread across the galaxy with humanity. Was the state and only allowed religion at one point in Terran history within their space, even alien species had to convert. Despite the collapse of galactic civilization the Sect of the Hand has continued.  There are now many diverse denominations each of course claiming to be the correct interruption of the faith. 

Symbol Human Hand often so highly abstracted it does not resemble a hand anymore. Alien hands are also used.  
 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."

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March 4, 2018 - 5:10pm

(Inspired From GW)

A quasi-monastic order who care for any biological sentient beings, regardless of creed, race or biological origins in need of healing. They wander the stars and wastelands of planets offering medical aid in the name of the Divine. All seem to have the mystic ability to approach non-intelligent creatures and befriend them. They offer their healing abilities for no cost, though donations of thanks are accepted. 

They are often in possession of both modern and ancient or unique alien medical devices. Excellent herbalists, the more settled Healers such as ones that maintain ships, stations or outpost monasteries dedicated to healing will have gardens of healing herbs from many planets. They are constantly looking for new cures, medicines, medical techniques, treatments, cures and medical technology.

Theologically they refer to themselves as the Healing Hands Sect. They view all acts of healing and comforting those in need of medical care as a humble prayer and act of worship. They believe in the sanctity of life. 

Outside of major civilized areas they are very respected by all except the Apocalypsites. Within regulated civilized areas of space their reception is a bit of a mixed bag with some seeing them as religious quacks with unproven medicines and others respecting them for helping poor communities. How large the Healers are is not known, but their Sect has been known to send Healers to medical schools to gain the proper licenses to practice healing in certain areas of space. It is believed they maintain their own schools in the form of monasteries spread across space.

Symbol: Red upright extremly stylizied hand that also resembles a flower on white background.
 "Never fire a laser at a mirror."