UPF Frigate

HS:5     HP:40     Powerplant: 2 Class B PGC "Eureka" Atomic Drives
ADF:4   MR:3     DCR:40      Crew: 12-30
Armament (Type:CC): LC, LB, RB(x4), T(x2)
Armament (Type:FE): LC, LB, EB, T(x2)
Defenses (Type CC): RH, MS(x2) ICM (x6)
Defenses (Type FE): RH, MS(x2) ICM (x4)
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, VideoCom, Radar, Energy Sensor, WNB, Intercom network, Skin Sensors, Camera System

Cargo Capacity: 1
Fuel Tankage: 12 plutonium or uranium fuel pellets (6/drive)
Crew Accomodations: captain's suite, 4 single officer cabins, 8 double bunk and 10 single crew cabins
Passenger Accomodations: 1 double occupancy suite
Ship's Vehicles: lifeboat, 3 large launches, 2 workpods

Constructed using a Class:5 hull, the UPF Frigate is the mainstay of the UPF Spacefleet. The vessel displaces 1600 tons and is staffed by up to 30 crew members. The Frigate is most commonly used for patrol and escort duty, but thanks to speed and integrity they are flexible enough for just about any mission UPF High Command can dish out. Some of the larger planetary militias incorporate a Frigate for use as a capital ship. Thanks to versatility and a proven record, this design won't be phased out anytime soon.

The UPF Frigate is currently available in two configurations, the Type:CC (close combat) or the Type:FE (Fleet/Escort), with the only differences between the two being the gun battery systems and ICM capacities.

Deck plans follow...

Fore Decks

Deck 1 Key
This deck houses the communications and forward sensor arrays along with the various avionic equipment and diagnostic stations.

Deck 2 Key
The bridge is located on deck two. Command stations for the pilot and co-pilot/energy gunner in the dorsal center, to the left is the astrogator station, and the chief engineer takes up the position to the right. Adjacent to the engineer station is the captain and executive officer centers. Opposite of those two positions is the torpedo command center and a computer operator station which also includes the communication and detection panels. Adjacent to the computer station is additional astrogation equipment nestled into the starboard ventral side.

Deck 3 Key
Deck three contains the forward maneuver modules and access for maintenance and repair, along with a pair of hydroponics bins.

Deck 4 Key
Four single suites and a captain's suite occupy this deck. The captain's suite has a private fresher and shower facility, a communal fresher and shower flank the galley/lounge area. Typically the pilot, astrogator, chief engineer, and the XO occupy the four single suites.

Mid Decks

Deck 5 Key
Four enclosed vehicle bays are positioned here, along with respective airlocks and spacesuit lockers. Each bay has bay doors positioned overhead. Additional spacesuit lockers are located inside surrounding the elevator shaft. The bays are typically kept in a state of vaccuum.

Deck 6 Key
Each of the four outer sections contains a pair of single occupancy cabins and a pair of double occupancy bunk/barracks. Offensive and defensive stations are at the end of each section the dorsal and ventral sides have a rocket battery and laser battery station respectively (the Type:FE version exchanges the RB for an Electron Gun Battery), and the port and starboard sides each have an interceptor missile launcher and maintenance hatches to access them. The central portion of this deck contains the common freshers and shower facilities along with the crew galley and lounge.

Deck 7 Key
A six cell (frozen/live storage) brig and guard center is located in the dorsal section here, to port is the security/surveillance center and armory (along with a security robot closet), the ventral side contains the captian and XO offices along with a meeting room, and the starboard side has teh medical lab with a three bed surgical center, recovery room, and office. The central area contains a small galley and lounge area along with a fresher and laundry room. The two dorsal single cabins are typically occupied by a medical officer and chief of security.

Deck 8 Key
This is the 1U cargo hold with dorsal and ventral loading bay doors.

Stern Decks

Deck 9: Recreation > Features a bar & grill, lounge, fresher, arcade/sim chamber, and workout stations. A first class suite is sectioned off in the dorsal side for UPF/government passengers. A universal docking collar islocated in the ventral portion.

Deck 10: Aft Maneuver > The stern RCS thrusters are accessible here along with water tankage, purification plant, and, a back-up life support unit.

Deck 11: Engineering > The engineer's station is located here, where half of the overhaul time is spent. An assistant to the chief engineer is typically stationed here. Also present is the primary life support unit, a generator and power relay station, a full workshop with tool racks, laser lathe, laser drill press, and foundry, and a robotics room with corresponding tool rack and a robot storage area. An airlock is located in the port chamber.

Deck 12: Engine Room > features pressurized/decontamination chambers for entry into the aft atomic drive section, in order to perform maintenance and repair from inside. Monitoring equipment is located onthe dorsal side, a spacesuit locker is centered in the ventral side. Flanking the locker is a pair of workpod bins with airlocks. The other half of overhaul time is spent in these areas.

Deck 13: Aft Sensors > the stern mounted radar and energy sensor is accessible on this deck.