F-20 Arrow

WarTech F-20 Arrow
light fighter

HS: 1  HP: 7  Powerplant: 2 sub-Atomic A
ADF: 6  MR: 5  DCR: 30  Crew: 1
Armament: PL (x2)
Defense: RH

WarTech's latest entry in the light fighter arena will be the Arrow, a well armed and snappy accelerator. Rumors lead to a possible Defletor Screen system as well, assuming it can be added without infringement on the performance. They will be submitting this design along with the F-42 Vulcan when the Council of Worlds decides on a replacement for the current F-40C s a mainstream fighter craft. Sadly neither meets the price criteria of the venerable F-40C, but WarTech is hedging their bets that space superiority will trump bean counting.