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Typical hull sizes (HS) range from 1 to 10. HS 1 ships are large one-man fighter/bombers while HS 10 ships are behometh cargo freighters. Due to the hazzards of space most passenger ships peak out at HS 6. 

HS Dimensions
Below is the most common style of ship found in the frontier. These are approximate dimensions, different manufactures make a wide variety of shapes. 
HS 1
HS 2
HS 3

Most modern ships are powered by ion engines which range in technology; low, medium and high. Low tech engines are slow, accelerating to 0.5G, medium tech engines accelerate up to 1.5G's while high tech engines can accelerate up to 3G's. 

Ion engines typically use hydrogen as the fuel source - a source readily available in the frontier. 

Engine Size
Size "A" medium tech engines can accelerate a HS 1 ship 1G and a HS 2 ship at 0.5G.
Size "B" medium tech engines can accelerate a HS 3 ship 1G and a HS 4 ship at 0.5G.
Size "C" medium tech engines can accelerate a HS 5 ship 1G and a HS 6 ship at 0.5G.

Hydrogen cost 100Cr per unit, all engines hold 10,000 units of fuel. If tracking fuel consumption an engine burns 1 unit of fuel each G of acceleration. 

Atomic fission engines are considered cutting-edge technology. Few can afford these types of engines which are primarily used by larger corporations and some military organizations. They are large, bulky and inefficient. 


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