Starhunter Race File: the Ixthati

Bred for labor, the ixthati are a piscean race created long ago as slaves. Though they are now free and independent, they have a deep-seated anger and are underdeveloped technologically.

Description: Ixthati have a roughly humanoid form, and stand some 1.5 meters tall, though they are broad and stocky of build. Their skin is scaly, and usually an iridescent silver-gray, though some ixthati evidence shades of blue, green or gold. Ixthati are hairless, and have wide eyes and great maws filled with sharp teeth.

Personality: As a former slave species, ixthati have a mixture of submissive and aggressive tendencies. While they are generally antagonistic and “rough”, if suitably intimidated they often cower in fear. Status, respect and influence are important to ixthati, though most will go to any ends to achieve their expected “due”. Ixthati society is still based on a “might makes right” mentality; the strongest rule. Nonetheless, there are exceptions. Scientists, artists, philosophers and craftsmen exist among the ixthati, and many wish to improve the station of their people over their own position in society.

Homeworld: Though the ixthati have no true homeworld, coming into the Frontier as slaves, once freed the vast majority settled worlds in the Ixtha system (named after the race). The worlds of Ixtha are very inhospitable to most races, but the hardy Ixthati were bred to survive multiple hardships, and thrive on their adopted homes.

Language: Ixthati speak a variant of Dralasite, known as Ixthan. This language is difficult for non-ixthati or non-dralasites to speak, as many sounds were developed for use underwater.

Sample Names: Bloolgup Nost, Bookuo Dossa, Cheelira, Filos, Goren, Hoogla, Iskar, Kuloss, Kusirin, Luwaa, Nollorr, Rilba, Tsigrin Shoon, Woogla Lirra, Zartoq.

Age: Child 1-8; Adolescent 9-16; Adult 17-24; Middle Age 25-32; Elderly 33-40; Old 41-48; Venerable 49+.

Racial Traits:
+2 DEX, +2 CON, -2 INT, -4 CHA; Ixthati are quick and hardy, but not very bright or personable.
Speed: 12 meters, Swim 16 meters.
Medium size.
Amphibious: although ixthati are aquatic, they can survive out of water for up to 1 hour per point of CON. An ixthati must submerge in water for at least 10 minutes per 1 hour spent dry. If an ixthati is out of water for longer than allowed, he begins taking 1d6 points of non-lethal damage per hour (2d6 in very hot or arid conditions). When the dehydrated ixthati’s hit point total is 0 or less from this non-lethal damage, he begins dying, as if drowning.
Aquatic: an ixthati cannot drown in water and does not need to make Swim checks.
Low-light vision.
Tough Scales: the hard scales of the ixthati skin provides a +2 natural armor bonus to Defense.
Resilient: +1 racial bonus to all Fortitude saves.
Racial Enmity: ixthati take a -2 penalty on Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information and Perform when
dealing with Dralasites.
Bonus Feat: Endurance.
Automatic Language: Ixthan.
Bonus Languages: Dralasite, Pan-Gal, Vrusk.