Starhunter Race File: the Alkharn

The alkarn are sturdy saurian race. While not an overly aggressive species, they are competitve, and very adept with all things military; strategy, tactics, arms and armor, combat, etc.

Description: Alkharn stand about 1.5 meters tall, and have muscular builds. Their scaly hides range in color from burnt orange to brick red, with sparse coarse hair of orange or red-brown ranging darker to black. Their snoutish faces sport a wide mouth full of sharp teeth. Their overall appearance is that of a miniature, tailless Tyrannosaur.

Personality: Alkarn are inquisitive and calculating. Despite their military expertise, they not aggressive or warmongering. Alkharn see war and combat as a great contest, a challenge of skill. Alkharn tend to be very competitive, and are dedicated workers. Alkharn loathe unfinished tasks. They are upset by anything that impedes progress or wastes time. While alkharn enjoy comfort as much as anyone, they have no liking for extravagance. Etiquette among alkharn is simple and direct; they tend to say what they mean, and get to the point.

Homeworld: Alkharis, a dry world orbiting close to the F7 V star Aseer. Highly industrialized, Alkharis is the hub of a small group of worlds controlled by the alkharn, known as the Alkahrn Protectorate.

Sample names: Bekkur Hles, Brakha Vaax, Chokk Beska, Darek Murinat, Jrukkar Anx, Kuvat Shaara, Maksa Niamat, Rokkar Khoanu, Svarra Khox.

Age: Child 1-9; Young Adult 10-14; Adult 15-39; Middle Aged 40-69; Old 70-89; Venerable 90+.

Racial Traits:

+2 CON, -2 DEX; alkharn are sturdy but slow to react.
Medium size.
Speed: 10 meters.
Tough Hide: an alkharn’s scaly hide provides +1 natural armor bonus to Defense.
Military Expert: Alkharn get a +1 competence bonus to either melee or ranged attacks, chosen at 1st level. Alkharn also receive a +2 competence bonus on all Knowledge (Tactics) skill checks, which is always a class skill.
Radiation Resistance: Due to their homeworld’s proximity to its parent star, alkharn get a +4 racial bonus to all Fortitude saves to resist radiation effects.
Automatic Languages: Alkharn.
Bonus Languages: Alkharn often learn the languages of neighboring races, such as the Weren, Tsa and Osakar.