PGC Document: Contract Security on Zeneb


Welcome to the Pan Galactic Corporation.  We are pleased to have you join our business family of employees and contractors.  Although you are not full employees of PGC, the Company feels it is very important for this distinction to be as invisible as possible.

Contractors fill a variety of vital roles to the Pan Galactic Corporation's efforts to increase opportunities for our employees, execute the Operation Plans of our executives, and, most importantly, Contractors help us build value for our millions of shareholders.  The Pan Galactic Corporation Brand is one of the most recognized symbols in the Known Galaxy. Our contractors play a key role to protect and enhance that Brand.

Please read this document carefully - this outlines certain important policies of working for the Pan Galactic Corporation overall, and also addresses critical information as to your responsibilities as Security Personnel at the Zeneb Facility.

Your primary responsibility lays in the preservation of the Pan Galactic Brand.  This is your ultimate duty.  Since the reputation of Pan Galactic employees is honesty, you will be honest.  Since the Brand represents hard work and dedication, so you, too, will embody those traits.  And of course, no one steals from the Brand.  Toleration of any of the these behaviors is equivalent to committing the acts themselves.

The Pan Galactic Corporation's record on Safety is one of the very best in the entire galaxy.  You will not, under any circumstances, do anything to jeopardize this record.  Management decisions which impinge on this general, overall policy are to be immediately reported to the Home Office.  They are not to be implemented until Home Office review. 

The Pan Galactic Corporation is not the military.  Our managers are trained to receive upward feedback and are instructed to listen to complaints or suggestions of all employees and contractors.  Communication through all levels of the organization is a vital reason why the Pan Galactic Corportation is one of the oldest interstellar companies.  For over one hundred years, an eon in the new era of interplanetary commence, communication has maintained the competitive edge of the Pan Galactic Corporation.  Communication is why we are #1.

However, it is also important that you obey the instructions of your managers.  The management team on Zeneb is one of Pan Galactic's finest, with decades of experience between them.  They are well aware of, and do everything to protect the Pan Galactic Brand.  They understand the primary importance of employee safety.  You will be meeting the management team immediately after your arrival and decontamination.


These are the more specific areas of your responsibilities, some of which are unique to the Zeneb Faciltity.

Preservation of life, limb, and property is vital.  The isolation and dangerous environment can affect workers in adverse and unseen ways.  As a result, there are occasional disputes and fights that normally would be quietly settled sometimes, when combined with the isolation and fear, get into serious situations.  You will always use NON-LETHAL force to diffuse these situations, and will not respond with deadly force unless confronted with deadly force.

All weapons are prohibited in Zeneb.  You will only have access to dose grenades, tangler grenades, and sonic and electrostunners.  The damage setting on the electrostunner is only to be used if confronted with deadly force.  Use of other weapons on Pan Galactic employees and contractors is strictly forbidden. 

Unfortunately, the Company sometimes has the need incarcerate workers who break the law.  These cells are only to be used for the temporary holding of defendants under charge.  Detained personnel are to be well treated and presumed innocent.  By interstellar law, the local Star Law office must dispatch a system ship as soon as possible to extricate the defendant.  If necessary, PGC will send a ship.  All defendants are sent to Histran for trial and applicable sentencing. 

Fortunately, in the over four hundred days of operation of the Zeneb Facility, there have been no such cases.  The cells have only been used for temporary detention, often alcohol related.  Repeated alcohol offenses will result in termination of employees, but only after a Home Office review.  More serious drug offenses are to be reported to Star Law immediately.

Planetary defenses are the first line of defense to ensure the safety of this multi-million credit facility.  Moon Base Zeneb is secure from both orbital attack and from surface attacks due to the installation of innovative defense systems.  You will be briefed on these capabilities, but operation and maintenance of these weapons systems are not part of your responsibilities. 

Additionally, though Zeneb is in a distant part of the Known Galaxy, it is still within Frontier Space.  Ships of PGC, the UPF and Star Law are available in support.  There is very little activity at all in Scree Fron, let alone pirate activity. 

In short, protect the PGC Brand and get everyone home safe. 

Additional details and policies will be outlined to you shortly after your arrival on Zeneb.

Welcome again to the Pan Galactic family.  We are confident that your talents as security professionals will be more than adequate to protect this Facility.