Manifest Destiny

Look at the introduction to get an idea on what this project is all about.

Manifest Destiny Introduction

If you have ever talked to a group of people about one specific event they are always going to say something different unless they come to an agreement on what happened before you asked them. So, in using that same concept Manifest Destiny is meant to show multiple stories, time lines, new races, or just odds and ends that may not be expected for the SF universe.

Ideas for Manifest Destiny Timelines

On the Star Frontiers US website there are multiple projects that deal with things outside of the normal realm of what is written about SF> These are all good examples that can be considered part of a living campaign which can advance the story for the players or even give the players a new story to look at.

Other Ideas for the Living Campaign

Some other ideas for the living campaign is errata for the rules. Yes re-writting rules can cause some controversy. But, sometimes it helps to add or take away rules in order to make a setting work. So, if you dont have any story material, but rules that have been play-tested and work post here as well.

Right or Wrong?

In the Star Frontiers game nobody is right or wrong. The thing about role-playing games is not about who is right and wrong, but if it is fun. If a game isnt fun then what is the point in playing it? So, if you are submitting dont bash people of their campaign ideas/alternative canon. This project is meant to be a mix-mash of different ideas coming together as a living campaign setting for SF.

Think of the different living campaign settings out there for the different role-playing games. There is nothing that is set in stone. This is becuase there are always multiple view points. So using that same idea MD is meant to do the same thing.

Some ideas for discussion in a living campaign:
What is the future of SF?
What kinds of alternative timelines could the community use?
What are some options for CORE RACES in the different realms of the living campaign?

Steel Machines with Iron Fists-- Gergmaster

               This adventure takes place on the 350th birthday of the UPF. Unlike previous years this celebration is uninterupted by the threats of the Sathar, terrorists, or even the potential death of the UPF. Instead it is quite peaceful. Many worlds across the Frontier celebrate the 350th birthday of the UPF. But, after 48 hours of the 350th birthday of the UPF a mechanon general disappears. This isnt any ordinary general, but one who has been known for his brilliance and swiftness in his campaigns against the pirates and sathar in the fringe worlds.

              With the general, his personal gaurd guard and loyal soldiers have also left. 

             Needless to say, this is a cause for great concern...