Mini Guides to the Frontier

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Tired of those expensive guides that are way too long and dont get anything done for you? Well now you have a new solution. Mini-Guides to the Frontier give you both information you need but with some humor (to keep reading interesting). Here to help you get on along with what is and isnt the Frontier & Beyond is w00t. Our number one (really the fill in for the other robot) robot who will give you the basis on everything of the Frontier and even beyond it. So what ar you waiting for?????

39.99 Credits (not available for those in the Fringes)
Shipping and Handling free if location is under a light-year away.
Call Space Comm Relay: 0000-9898-7172
Call Now and We'll Include this Limited Edition Laser Pistol.*

*(SEU clip not included)

Map of the Frontier

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Using this Guide

What is this Guide for?
This is a game guide meant on expadning the Star Frontiers Universe. All rules posted in this guide are bent closely towards the Alpha Dawn Rules.

How do you use this Guide?
You can use this guide with really any Star Frontiers game system. Even though this is mainly meant to be an expansion on Alpha Dawn with slight mondifications you can modify this guide to be used for Zebulon's Guide or even Knight Hawks based SF games.

What you need?
It is prefered you get the Alpha Dawn Expanded Rule Book. You can download this rule book from the Star Frontiers US site or the Star Frontiersman website for free. Also you will need 2 ten-sided dice, pen/pencil, and character sheet in order to play the game.

Timeline of the Frontier

This is the timeline of the Frontier. Using both the Zebulon's Guide and Star Frontiers House-Rules Wiki material here is a new and improved timeline that works for everybody.

Cybernetic Implants

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