The Chit Factory

Document container for project design documents.


Here are some PC & NPC chits I've created from pics found on SF publications and/or Star Frontiersman Magazine. I print them on 100# cover. Costs about 60 cents a sheet.

Ground Vehicles

All Wheel Drive ground car

AWD Ground Transport

AWD Open Ground Transport

AWD Ground Transport w/trailer


Ground Car

Ground Cycle

Hover cycle
Hover Cycle

Hover Transport

Open Hover Transport



Download chips here.

Paper Mini's

I didn't know where else to post this, so here it is. :-)
I made the d6 paper model in Word and then pasted the Alpha Dawn chits on each face.
(I have a d10 paper model as well, but it's a large die - fits in your palm)


  1. Hover cycle
  2. Ground cycle
  3. Ground truck
  4. Explorer
  5. Hover tank
  6. Skimmer


Mr. Roboto Chits!


ship chit's (that really has a ring to it!)

CleanCutRogue's Chits

I am working on a full-page of ship chits, with images drawn from the pages of the StarFrontiersman and by re-visiting the counters that came in the KH boxed set. I hope these are useful. Print them on colored project paper and adhere them to project-board, then cut with an exacto knife! When you print these, they are exactly 1/2" squares, so they're directly compatible with KH.

Screen Capture:

Download the full printable version here.
Hint: Don't allow the printer to scale the printout to match your printer's margins.

Full Bleed's Textured Ships

Just thought I'd skin a few of CCR's chits. Enjoy!

SF FighterFighter 02Fighter 03
Corvette Token.

SS' ships

I'm uploading black & white pics of some ships to make chits out of.

Streel S-1 Piranha