Star Frontiers: Beyond the Frontier

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You have played in the Frontier but what about beyon the Outer Boundaries of the Frontier? This is because no one has ever allowed you to see what is truely beyond. Now you can see the galaxy for what it really is. Battle the feared Sahar or one of the many violent races left behind from the last Great War. Pilot through the many nebulas and stars that blot across the galaxy. So are you ready?

UPF and Beyond the Frontier

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Magnetic Ice Gun

This is a weapon was created during the first sathar for the special forces. It's quiet and has the range of most small laser pistols. The ice rounds are cooled at sub-zero temperatures to insure they wont melt while trying to hit their target. The rounds are stored in a five round clip that keeps the rounds cool at sub-zero temperatures. When the round enters the chamber the round wars up by a hundred degrees or so from sub-zero, but it isnt enough to truely cool down the round to melting point. When the round is fired the magnetic firing mechanism pushes the round out faster than most projectile rounds and doesnt create any heat to melt the round. Then if it hits its target the ice round will penatrate the skin and shatter (causing a shrapnel affect) but if the person is found dead the qutopsy will show nothing in the body.

ROF: 1 shot
Range: 5/10/15/20/-
Clip: 5 rounds special cooling clip
Weight: 2 kg
Damage: 5D10+ per hit
Ice Shrapnel Damage: 1D5 + per hit

Notes for Article Part One

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Gergmaster's Notes

Star Systems-

Alpha Star: Medium yellow star with fifteen planets. Four gas giants. Six dwarf planets. Five rocky planets (three of which are of toxic atmoshpere) the other is the only real inhabitable planet.

Delt Star: Red giant. Seems to reaching the end of its life. It contains four planets around it and two out of four are considered habitable but need much work, such as terraforming.

Gamma Star: Medium yellow star. Has twenty planets. Half of which are small rocky planety. Half of these rocky planets are of toxic atmosphere. The other half are considered able to being used for future colonies but not potential zones for colonies. But these planets do seem to have ruins which may be connected to the Eorna and another ancient race.

the Vast Freehold (Pirate Territories)

Here's a prototype of the pirate systems from my campaign. I originally had them "south" of the Frontier but decided they would be better served "west" instead. Since the Star Devils are the reigning faction, it just made sense to have the entryway close to Zebulon since that is their "first appearance" in the Frontier.

I'll submit a detailed description of each system (via Zeb's Guide details) as I redefine each system and update the map. I labelled the Frontier systems according to Zeb's map for continuity. I am using the Zeb's map as a starting point as it is the most detailed published material out there, and anyone else can edit it accordingly to fit their campaign later.

Note that one of the Formad Cluster binary systems is the "gateway" system into the Rim (capella) which leads to Zebulon. Sundown is a secondary inlet to the Frontier...while Spacefleet has the sole knowledge of the Frontier route to this system on the UPF side, the pirates also use it despite any lacking interest of the scientific outpost ont eh surface as an entry way into the Frontier (which can lead to all sorts of interesting conflicts later).

Also note the "trinary" system, containing three stars and a system of planets.