So, what on Corpco is a "Scarlett Ghost"?

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May 9, 2017 - 2:13pm
Whether its the salt vampire from Star Trek the Old Foggies... opps, Original Series... to the space vampires of the movie Lifeforce or Ori of Stargate SG-1 (which feed off of the prayers of their human subjects), the idea that some beings can feast off of the life energy (i.e. souls) of others is a staple of science fiction and horror... especially horror.

The Scarlett Ghost is the term given to mythical-seeming beings that are on Corpco. If the Sathar can be objectively viewed as evil -- perhaps some idealistic evil such as wiping out other races that pose a threat -- the Scarlett Ghost is demonic evil.

Here's a definition I found online to illustrate what I mean: "Demonic evil is evil for its own sake, performed for the express purpose of harming others, or for the enjoyment of the experience of watching others suffer. A serial killer who slowly tortures his victims..."

The Scarlett Ghosts are another type of energy being, though completely unrelated to the Brights. There purpose is to feed off of other lifeforms not just for food, but for pleasure. Unlike the Brights, who refrain from eating other sentient beings, a Scarlett Ghost woudl vie the life energy of a player character to be "sweet meat."

There are only a few of these Scarlett Ghosts on Corpco and the ones that are left are imprisoned (see the document in the downloads section about the Brights and their mentalist powers). The original human colonists who came to Corpco at the time humans first came into the Frontier accidentally unleashed one of these creatures. It killed off most of the colonists before being banished by a gather of Brights (which also decimated the population of these beings).

A Scarlett Ghost that comes out of imprisonment is probaby at its weakest and most vulnerable point. It will use powers of illusion and trickery to fool others into believing it is harmless or "just another human colonist." It won't be able to turn on its feeding power right awy, but will slowly drain the energy from its victims over a period of time as it grows stronger. It may even seek to corrupt others into doing its bidding.

Such beings would be a threat to the entire Frontier if unleashed. At the moment, I do not have statistics for this creature other than the generalized description that I've just provided.

Joe Cabadas