Special attacks

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April 5, 2013 - 12:37pm
this thread follows the openning comments in Special defenses thread

the idea it to talk out a list of special attacks with possible effects based on size of creature to be a resource for referees.

1.) Whip like tail does damage(higher damage for bigger creatures) and knocks opponent prone, RS check for target to avoid prone
2.) gore and toss; with a charge or a move to combat this turn the creature gores with its horn, horns or antlers and tosses target X # of meters (use grenade bounce table or we can create a toss table- probably should do that for this) RS check to aviod toss
3. Bull rush- a push back attack
4. trample-
5. stampede
6. Trample and overrun (probably a stampede attack or its effects are different from the stampede attack)
7. Poison (contact)
8. Poison (spit/spray)
9. poison (inject)
10. electrical discharge
11. sonic shriek- cone shaped with range & damage based on size
12. Infection- bacteria in mouth is infectious
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