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November 29, 2012 - 8:21pm


Godco starts with a little known fact. More than half of their employees who are all Family of One members are NOT on Hentz. Face it, these guys are terraformers. This is not a telecommuting job. You have to be there on site for years at a time because Terraforming does not happen overnight. Now this may seem to be against the idea of the Family of One everyone has of them as label wearing religious fanatics but this is actually a good thing and they are one of the few mega corps who can pull this off. You should remember that Most of the Family of One members are born on Hentz. They are raised in the Family of One and are whole hearted supporters of the Family of One. They view the time they get to spend off of Hentz as missionary time to spread the word about the family and recruit new members. Of course all those who are given permission to leave Hentz have had their loyalty to the Family of One verified. Defections from the Family of One are not taken well by the upper management.

Now for the different departments in the Godco mega corp:

Initial Survey: Specialists from many different disciplines will go to the heavenly body the client is interested in and determine if it is even possible for the heavenly body to be terraformed. If it is possible then they will begin to form the plan and collect the necessary data for the main planners back on Hentz. They can also call in additional specialists for further research and data collection.

Planetary Stabilization: Before the work on the heavenly body can begin terraforming it needs to have any wild and dangerous planetary effects eliminated or at least reduced but definitely catalogued. One common area of work is the installation of planet wide magnetic stabilizers to allow the planet to hold an atmosphere.

Atmosphere Restructure and Creation: Pretty self explanatory they either make the atmosphere more breathable to the majority of races or they create one from scratch by bringing in ice asteroids and melting them down and releasing the oxygen.

Liquid Purifiers: The basis for all life is water. If a heavenly body is to become a life sustaining planet then it needs a very good and very large and very clean supply of the wet stuff. Again they either make the water more drinkable to the majority of races or they create the wet stuff from scratch by bringing in ice asteroids and melting them down.

Soil Conditioners: Having breathable air and drinkable water brought in is great but if the ground you walk on burns your feet off it does not do any good. The soil must also be able to support the plants being brought in and be able to filter the water brought in (soil is not just the top six inches people). Since this is a planet wide effort it obviously takes quite a long time to accomplish.

Flora and Fauna Developers: This is one area where the client has a great deal of say so. While they can often use life forms from other planets they can also alter them to fit the new world or create brand new life forms for the planet. This work begins long before the heavenly body is ready to receive them so everything will be ready for transport to the new world. Godco does not like to let its genetics work be done off Hentz. Too much opportunity for corporate spying. The most difficult part of this work is making each individual component of the ecosystem fit in and that a perfect balance is able to be self maintained.

Planetary Monitors: Godco does not just make a planet and leave once the new owners take over. They leave behind many teams from all the different departments to make sure everything is going according to the plan created and then modified and reworked. Nothing as big a rebuilding a planet to specific requirements goes off without a hitch and Godco stands by to make sure any problems that might develop are spotted and corrected even before they can develop.

Environmental Rebuilders: After a Sathar attack or a corporate war or a star ship crash or heavily polluted industrial area then the environment of even a naturally developed planet can be severely compromised. Godco can work the miracle of recovery and assist in bringing back what once was. The United Planetary Federation has been known to pick up the tab for some of these events.

Specialty Items: Sometimes a being just wants something that is not generally available. Maybe they want an actual flying leper tortoise or a new breed of were frogs to hunt or a tree that can produce strawberries in the winter. Godco not only works out the order but also how the order will fit into the existing environment and not damage it. Their most famous order was for color coded juxtaposing farlaxes so that the gamblers at the Juxtapose Arena on Outer Dramune could more easily determine which one had won.

Micro Environments: So you do not want an entire moon redone. Say it just is not big enough to hold an atmosphere or have enough gravity. You could build a dome on the moon to hold your population. But why let your beings inhabit a dreary tunnel system. Let Godco’s Micro Environment Division design a small enclosed and self sustaining world inside the doom for you. The savings in mental and physical health insurance costs will pay for the costs of establishing one. Do it for your beings and you will love it too.

Naming Department: With hundreds of new species and orders and creatures and occasionally new entire lines of creatures and planetary systems constantly being discovered, Godco does not want any of its creations to share a name with them. So they have Family of One members scattered throughout the entire inhabited sphere of space to keep themselves informed of all the latest registered names.

Another thing most beings do not realize about Godco is that while they use the standard transport services of the Frontier they also have a vast collection of specialty ships. Many of them with unique instrumentation on them and unique configurations. They are manned and maintained by Family of One members and almost never have outsiders allowed on them.

We can pretty safely assume that each system had only one inhabitable planet to start. Since keeping things in system is much easier than scattering them light years apart many planetary governments have another planet or two or several moons terraformed. This gives them many options for development and much greater control over the areas since they are so much closer. Of course Family of One Godco members are present as they continue the work of terraforming or check that the terraforming has stuck.

Tomorrow Merco Please stay tuned.

Fantastic! One thing I would add is that the vast majority of the work done is in taking planets with immature biospheres and making them core four compatible. Planets that are of the right size but barren are a much longer haul and would only be coming available for habitation a hundred or more years after terraforming started. And these worlds would have the initial work starting in domes to speed the process while the environment is developing.

Again I love the write up and would love to see you expand this.

Last thought. Think of how
GodCo would react to the Erona and their biotechnology? I can see them contracting with them for their technology and placing a lot of staff on Volturnus. Erona would also end up on some of the GodCo terraforming projects.

Working on it

Sounds like a great job but where did you say we had to go?

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November 30, 2012 - 9:25pm
rattraveller wrote:
Godco starts with a little known fact. More than half of their employees who are all Family of One members are NOT on Hentz.

This has an interesting ramification.  Almost all GodCo employees are also going to be yazirian.  Maybe even, non-yazirians are limited in career growth or even kept as consultants only.

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December 1, 2012 - 5:43am
Another ramification is that with over half their employees off Hentz and Fo1's social engineering is limited to Hentz with the uniform thing that denotes job and social position; there will be a lot of room for corruption of "morals" if you will of a yazirian outside Hentz society. No doubt the uniform thing is company policy and the slippage starts with being invited out to a night club and oooh my must get an new outfit for that.

Either the wearing of non sanctioned clothes is viewed as an indication of "sin" or its seen like the Amish view Rumspringer (spelling) when their youth go out to experience the world but when and if they come back they embrace the Amish ethic.

I'm reminded about another sci fi franchise that had uniforms that just by looking at them you could tell something about what the wearer's purpose in the show was:
REFEREE: Two GODCo security personnel have been attached to your group for this mission

Player 1 & Player 2 look at each other and the in unison exclaim: "Red shirts!"

RE: Hentz uniforms- we probably should start a thread to bash this out.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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December 1, 2012 - 9:13am
A thread for bashing on Red Shirts?  Sounds fun.