The Clikk Connection

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June 14, 2011 - 7:23pm
Item #1 The sathar were a space faring race 900 years prior to the Voltunus modules when the discovered and attempted to wipe out the eorna.

Item #2 The Clikks abandoned the heliopes on Starmist 600 years ago and never returned. There is elements in what the clikks did that suggest security measures against an enemy gainning intell from what was left behind.
But my operative point is that the Clikks were a space faring race at least 600 years ago.

This means that the clikks and the sathar were both space faring races at the same time. there is a bit of an implication that the clikks are not around anymore though that is always open to interpretation by each referee.

jedion in Zebs Expanded project wrote:

If the sathar were an interstellar space faring race 900 years would they not, after 900 years have tech that blows the doors off anything the Rim and UPF currently have? They should but they dont. The implication there is that they have maintained the same level of tech for 1000 years with little to no change or improvement. This it very telling. It suggests, to me, that they actually inherited their tech from a master race that had been the inovator. They can maintain and build to the specs the equipment they inherited but they just cant innovate. It suggest a reason for why they wanted to steal the Osprey in WoWL module since the statement in the modules was that they had no answer for the assualt scout. it also suggests a reason for decades of using spies, infiltrators and agents to weaken the Frontier- it may have been to acquire the innovative tech the comes naturally to the Core 4 and the Rim races.

If the above is true about the sathar then the good news is that in another 40 years after SW2 they wont be able to stand against the combined might of the Rim and the UPF.

I'm proposing that the sathar and the clikks had contact and seeing how much the sathar are noted for being good neighbors with a live and let live attitude, I think we can surmise how that contact went. Perhaps the clikk/sathar relations was the reason behind building the big tank that was on Starmist?

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AC DC wrote:

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Who made who, who turned the screw?

so the ideas I'm rifting is that the clikk had more than one client species that were bug like; one was worm like and was worker drones on the bottum of the society doing the work of that society building the weapons and maintaining the equipment etc. At some point a realization or consciousness dawned on the worms that they could liberate themselves from the clikks and war was on.

Additionally I'm toying with the idea that the sathar have a universal consciousness and that the catalyst that led them to overthrow the clikk was a Clikk AI that manipulated the sathar to protect itself from being deleted by the clikk. They really are the unwitting pawns of this AI and are only carrying out its directives.
They just continue to do as they are directed as they did under the clikk. This could be the explanation for the lack of innovation over 1000 years of space faring history. The AI dispatches them to destroy other space faring civilizations out of fear that they like the clikks will fear it and try to destroy it so these other civs must be destroyed or dominated.
I might not be a dralasite, vrusk or yazirian but I do play one in Star Frontiers!

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w00t (not verified)
June 15, 2011 - 7:46pm

Imperial made a caste system where the top 1% were controlled or given order by a supercomputer. Jives with your writeup. Good stuff.

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August 4, 2013 - 9:43am
In my campaign, the Clikks ensalved the Sather and they rebelled and launched a war of genocide against their masters. (*) This explains multiple things about the Sather.

1) Fear - They are afraid of being enslaved by another race again. This goes so far as to not wanting their society to be changed by peaceful contact with other races. Yes, they have contact with the Zuraqqor but, this is a master-slave relationship that both sides find beneficial. Also, the Zuraqqor NEVER are allowed near a Sather home world.

2) Honor & Technology - The Sather are a warrior-clan society. Think of it as feudal Japan. You are to bring honor to your house or clan, death before dishonor, to surrender is dishonorable, etc. This explains their way of thinking. They have a social understanding for intrigue and spy networks as well as tactical and strategic thinking but, they do not have the imigaination to invent new technology. This is also why they destroy other races and use spies - to gain technology ex: Assault Scout. This is also why, they do not have superior space & weapon techology as opposed to the UPF.

3) Fighting Style & Technology - This also shows in their skills, ex: UPF warships - Pilot 4, Gunnery 3 & Engineering 4; SAV warships - Pilot 3, Gunnery 1 & Engineering 1. They also believe you are trained for and do your task - do not go outside your task. Think WW II Japan. A frigate has a crew of 25 - 30. UPF crews 30 (and they are cross-trained) while the SAV have 25 (no cross training). If the SAV frigate losses crewmen, they return to a homeworld for resupply or fight until destroyed. This explains why UPF has large crews with few capital ships and SAV has small crews with many capital ships. Example:

 Sather UPFMilitia 
Frigate  8 7 8
Destroyer 15 5 2
Light Cruiser 7 8 0
Heavy Cruiser 8 1 0
Assault Carrier 4 2 0
Battleship 0 3 0
TOTAL: 42 26 10

(Fighters are SAV - 25 and UPF 16; Assault Scouts are SAV - 0, UPF - 14 and Militia - 27! The Assault Scout tips the scale for the Frontier 97 <UPF & Militia> to 67 <SAV>)

4) Death - The Sather will commit sucide before capture. To the UPF, this is unthinkable. To the Sather, this is the Sather way, the warrior way - surrender is dishonorable & death before dishonor. 

Also, if a Sather frigate Captain rams an UPF light cruiser and destroys it - he wins great honor. His name will be remembered by his clan and maybe in Sather history. He is a matyr or a hero.

(*) Clikk still exsist but in very, very small numbers. They will never rise again. The UPF and Sather do agaree on one thing - when a Clikk is sighted, it is to be destroyed on sight. They are enemy number one. Sather will ALWAYS attack Clikk first, before the main four races.

In one campaign on Lacos, a party went into some ruins and came across 1 female (leader) and 3 males (warrior). They were destroyed and due to the fight being in a cave and the party using grenades, they left no proof behind.