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April 7, 2011 - 12:01pm
Ok, I am starting to wrap up my history text about the SA.  The next project I will be doing will be various spacecraft most common in SA space.

I have a few ships already made using CleanCutRogue's spacecraft construction rules from two years ago.  I don't know if there is an update for them (I am sure there is, though) and I am in contact with both him and W00T for the latest files.  Until then, I will be posting them using the older system.

Artists: I am a terrible artist.  If I make ships, will anyone be interested in illustrating them?  I hope so.

Standards: when illustrating them, here is what I am looking for:

1. Rocket Thrusters: For civillian ships, the rockets are on struts away from the chasis.  This is a cheaper way to disperse the heat generated by them.  Military ships have their rockets usually right behind the chasis with the outer portion covered by armor.  We can say the rockets' heat is sinked in another way. Only the actual thruster end is exposed...

2. Powerplants: The reactor core, especially if it is fission-based, should have radiator fins to sink the heat.  They almost look like solar panels (and newbies to the system may be confused by them, especially if there is no solar generator present) but they should stick out to maximize heat dispersion.

3. Sensor Suites: I don't know, guys.  Should it look like a dish? A series of mini-towers?  What do you think?

4. Deck Plans: Keep in mind: this campaign setting does not use any artificial gravity other than acceleration or spin g's (think wheels or cylindars).  Only ships that are designed for extended non-accelerated states away from stations will have spinning sections.  For example, exploration/survey vessels.  They can spend considerable time orbiting planets where the rockets are minimally used. 

5. General Shape: SA-based ships usually have bullet-shaped noses.  4th Reich ships, by comparison, will look similar.  PDSR uses more sphere shapes, particularly for the habitation sections.

These are thoughts of mine.  I look forward to your input.
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