Frag cannon discussion thread

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December 28, 2010 - 4:22pm
Refer to: Fragmentation Cannon(KH).

I'm sceptical of the pod system having a 30,000m diameter effect.

I could buy it for cannon but.....

what if this weapon was the ship based version of a sawed off shot gun?
same basic idea but it blasts a cone of shrapnel out form the ship- cannon has longest range (use targeting template for FF weapons out to 4 hexes from the ship), battery has significant shorter range (again use the FF fire template but can be fired in any direction out to 3 hexes from the ship) and the pod system is FF and uses the FF template out to 2 hexes from the ship- when I shay use the FF template I mean that all ships within that template are hit out to the specified range and the damage for the directly forward hex is higher (by 1d10) than the hexes to either side of directly forward hex)

See page 8 of the dig remastered KHs PDF for the FF targeting template

make it LTD ammo with standard purchase giving # number of shots and for another MHS Y(a little less then the MHS purchase for the weapon system) purchase you add another load out of rounds to the ammo feed

I could see that being a real fighter killer

EDIT: if you like my idea the weapon probably should also be range diffusion similar to lasers but based more on the fact of fragment dispersal.

Edit 2: Probably need a new name as the frag weapon system for AD weapons is fine (I'm just finding the KHs version tough to swallow for the ranges involved) you could call it the chaff cannon  or rail cannon or something.
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