Two from the Zebs guide to Frontier animals.

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November 23, 2010 - 8:25pm
Here are a pair of animals I adapted from my Zebs guide to Frontier animals. I hope you like them, and If you do I'll try to change more of them for you.

Black Swan

1d10 +4

Move: 3m/ swim: 2m/flight: 18m

IM/RS: 6/60

Stamina: 65

Attack: Wing buffet

Damage: 1d5 +1

Attack: Bite

Damage: 1d5

Special attack: trip

Special defense: none

Native world: Triune

Description: These large black swans have a two meter wingspan, and unlike normal swans these birds are aggressive, and prone to batter small boats that come too close to their nests in an effort to capsize them. Black swans live in wetlands. Black swans are omnivorous creatures but they prefer to eat insects to plants.

A character who is battered by the black swan’s wings must roll an agility check or they are knocked prone. A character who is knocked prone loses any actions he/she has in a turn, and any character/creature attacking him/her while he/she is prone gains a +5 to hit the character. In the following turn the prone character loses his/her initiative bonus as he/she must get to his/her feet.

Blue Gill

Number: 1 (rarely 1-5)

Move: swim 10m/turn

IM/RS: 7/70

Stamina: 75

Attack: Bite

Damage: 1d10 +5

Special attack: Leaping slam, Swallow whole

Special defense: Alertness

Native world: Oceanus

Description: A Blue gill on the average is about 2.4 meters long, but some specimens are known to grow to at least 3 meters in length. The Blue gill looks like a large carp with a scales that are a milky blue along the underside, and becoming a deep royal blue along their dorsal fin. The Blue gill’s get their name for the bright blue color that can be seen outlining their gills.

A Blue gill has the ability to see equally well in darkness as it can in daylight allowing it to see in the murky depths where it prefers to hunt. Blue gills are aggressive hunters, and will eat just about anything. They will often attack a swimmer out of curiosity rather than out of hunger.  Blue gills are resistant to surprise, granting them a +5 bonus to their reaction speed checks to avoid being surprised.

Blue gills are prone to leap out of water  crossing up to 14 meters and if they hit a target they cause 2d10 points of damage and require the victim make an agility check or be knocked prone or if on a boat knocked into the water.


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w00t (not verified)
November 23, 2010 - 8:34pm
With illustrations these could go in the magazine.
Maybe I'll get inspired to draw them. :-)