Milky Way SF Mini-Saga

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April 5, 2008 - 8:58pm
Welcome, you have entered the «Rise of the Kinori» campaign. Below you will find a series of mini-stories that I wrote to flesh out the galactic event the players faced.

The story starts three years after the apocalyptic rise of a subterran alien race knowned as the Kinori. They nuked all the major cities in 2004 and then released a gene specific air born disease built to kill humans only. Fortunetly for humanity 1 in 1000 people possessed a «mutant» gene that kept them alive. Humanity fought back. The conflict was hard on both sides. Then, a year ago the Fraals managed to convince the Galactic Concord that mediation was necessary and that peace troops should be sent to Earth...
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:01pm
... 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

NCNN the most trusted news in the Northern Hemisphere ...

(Camera 1/general shot/hard light)
Good evening, I'm John Nash, you host.

(Camera 2/slow zoom in/lights dim slowly)
Its with great pride that we present the first global news broadcast since the catastrophic events of 2004. First, we would like to take a minute to think back on those that were left behind...(60 sec wait)

(Camera 1/close up/slow zoom out)
Thank you.

(Image feed - voice over by John Nash)
Tonight in the news :
• Galactic Concord official confirms existance of a «Fraal lunar base» going back to 1949
• Alaskan settlements finally receive much needed fision powerplants
• GC peace troops under heavy Kinori fire at the Panama Canal
• Its plump and looks delicious : Is it safe to eat or is it radioactive ?
• Skipper, the dog that survived the New York bombing

(Camera 1/general shot/hard light)
JN: And now a word from our sponsors ....
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:02pm
Solar System • Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter • Fraal Monitoring Station

AI : Warning - Abnormal Tachyon surge detected on Jupiter's satelite Europa
Fraal : Scan for life forms
AI : Scanning - 5 life forms of unknowned origin detected
Fraal : Scan for ships
AI : Scanning - 1 tretrahedral structure of unknowned composition
Fraal : Size ?
AI : Base 400 feet - Height 400 feet
Fraal : Send complete report to our base on the Moon
AI : Sending
Fraal : Dispatch spy drone to coordonates of the surge
AI : Opening lauch tube - drone sent
Fraal : Attribute level one priority to this event.
AI : Level one priority attributed
Fraal : Good
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 6, 2008 - 6:13am
Earth's Orbit • Fraal Lunar Station • Dark side of the Moon

A Fraal leader, code name Sinatra, as just received the last transmission from the spy drone launched from the Monitoring station. Crooner music can be heard in the background. Blue smoke swirls upward from an unfinished cuban cigar. Sinatra picks up a glass filled with Glenfidish Whiskey. With a quick movement of the arm he swirls the two ice cubes in the glass than rapidly swallows the last drops of his drink. He reads the report again :

[target location reached] [cloaking activated] [landing completed] [detecting 5 life forms/distance 1000 feet] [2 lifeforms approaching 900 feet] [2 lifeforms approaching 500 feet] [bioscan results: height 7 feet / width 1 feet / no torso / 1 cubic foot head tops 3 feet long neck connected to three 4 feet long legs / cold blooded / thick exoskeleton-skin resistant to the vacuum of space / digestive system in symbiosis with breathing system / Stomach content: carbon/quartz] [2 lifeforms within a foot] [2 lifeforms spitting liquid from mouth] [alert: exterior shell breached] [opening signal to monitoring and lunar stations] [compressing data for speed transmission] [alert : primary systems failing] [secondary systems activated] [sending compressed data] [auto-destruct activated] [5,4,3,2,1.................

Sinatra : AI please connect with monitoring station
AI : Connection opened
Sinatra : Davis Junior?
Davis Jr: Yes
Sinatra : What do you make of this?
Davis Jr: We should send a team as fast as we can to collect more data
Sinatra : All your resources are on missions already
Davis Jr : What about Specter's team?
Sinatra : They've never been in space !!
Davis Jr : There is always a first time. Mission reports from this team are outstanding.
Sinatra : I have a FTL lightfreighter at my disposal. Its feasible. We'll have to use nano augmenters to give them the spaceship operation skills they will need. Its settled. Sinatra out.
Sinatra : AI, please connect to Mont Tremblant's Veil Base
AI : connection established
Sinatra : Specter
Specter : Sinatra, good to hear from you. What kind of crazy plan have you prepared for us this time?
Sinatra : Grab a chair ....
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:03pm
Vrusk Heavy Freighter of the House Tjik_Vrass in orbit around Earth

Fraal AI : Vrusk vessel Tjik_237 you are cleared to enter Earth's atmosphere and land at the Tijuana Space port.
Captain G'chich Tjik : We thank you in the name of House Tjik_Vrass. Tjik_237 out.

Tension eases slowly inside the spaceship's command center. Captain G'chich look at the rest of his command team. Knowing their place in the hierarchy none dare speak unless asked a direct question.

Captain G'chich : We will pull this off. The Galactic Concord Inspection troops will want to check the cargo. Lieutenant Yl'tak, tell the laborers to get ready. For once we are not trying to smuggle something on the planet. The stupid Fraals will never suspect we are trying to smuggle out five Kinori special troops ! If this works we will rise in the hierarchy. If we fail and our attempt becomes public I will take full responsibility for the disgrace caused to House Tjik_Vrass. You need not fear, your families will not have to jump off Mont T'mowr. Any questions?

Lieutenant Yl'tak : Can we trust the Kinori Captain G'chich?

Captain G'chich : They are a people in need. The Kinori will be here. Only the Vrusk dare go against the wishes of the Fraal. Who else can provide them with a spaceship equipped with stealth shields ? It is their only hope to thwart the embargo imposed on them by the Galactic Concord. This new race will prove to be a very profitable market. War always is...

Lieutenant Yl'tak turns on a small microphone near is lower mandible : Attention laborers prepare to welcome the Galactic Concord inspection troops. Make House Tjik_Vrass proud!
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:03pm
Dairy • Specter O'Reily • January 15 2008

Looking back at the last few years one event, other than the actual apocalypse, remains vivid in my mind. Ah! I get ahead of myself. First a bit of background ... Having been responsible for the Montreal chapter of the Veil for more than 23 years I have overseen the creation and tutelage of 4 teams of «Shadow Chasers» for the «Church of the Stars». The fourth team, which I secretly call F4, is still active today. At first, I regarded them as nothing more than a strange amalgam of misfits, intellectuals, bullies and nerds. I cursed fate for giving me a group of what appeared to be inept candidates. But I was humbled by their exploits over the years. Today I hold them in the greatest respect. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, and breaking the Veil code of conduct, I will admit that I have come to love them as if they were my own children.

In the early hours of March 2nd 2006 the unexpected attack of Mont Tremblant's mutant facility by a KET (Kinori extermination team) almost destroyed the F4 team. Armed with incendiary and fragmentation grenades the Kinori were able to storm the facility using teleportation technology. This new tactic became a KET trademark after the success of the fist attack. 10 adult mutants, 26 mutant infants were killed by the three Kinori suicide bombers. The F4 team, caught by surprise, was mortally injured. Its is only shear luck that saved them from certain death. At the time of the attack I was holding an early secret meeting with the Fraal Leader, code name Sinatra, in the hydroponic farm of the facility. After the onslaught, Sinatra and I rescued the few that had survived. Being a field medic myself I could tell that the injuries of the F4 team were fatal. In a rare emotional display Sinatra offered the help of the Fraal. On his command the Fraal AI beamed the F4 team to their medical facility on the Moon station.

After three months of medical care and rehabilitation therapy the F4 team was able to function again. What I did not know at the time is that they had to pay a price for survival: Cybernetic implants. Eva's maimed lower legs were replaced with rocket «flight systems». Her damaged nervous system was augmented with «reflex wires». Charisma's burned eyes were replaced with «laser optics» and her skin was grafted with «identity mask» technology. Terry's left eye was replaced with «light amplification optics» and «sensory recorder». He also had to received «total organ replacement» due to extreme internal injuries. Benster's hands were reconstructed with retractable «spurs». He also received «sonar & smoke screen skin» to heal the 95% third degree burns he suffered.

In the end the cowardly attack of the Kinori was a turning point for the Mont Tremblant mutant facility. We shifted from survival mode to aggression mode. The F4 team was at the forefront of the exaction teams. Infiltrating deep into Kinori territory they ruthlessly attack their leadership. Those the Kinori left for dead became cold and efficient death dealers...
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:04pm
If you have read all the previous «mini stories» you understand that everything is now in place for a game. The Technophage invasion has begun on Europa. The Fraal will equip the players with what they need for the mission. The Kinori, as usual, are playing with fire. The table is set. Here is the synopsis of Episode 32 that I have prepared for my players.

Episode 32 – Europa

001 Mission briefing
  • Specter explains the mission

002 Injection of the nano augmenters
  • Sinatra and Specter implant the nano augmenters to the F4 team
  • STRESSFUL : Terry quickly displays adverse reactions due to his total organ replacement. He must be stabilized. (Make look like Terry can actually die. But he is saved in the end)

003 Beamed to the Fraal ultralight freighter
  • The team is beamed to the ultralight freighter NY/NY•01
  • HUMOR : Crash course in spaceship operation with Sinatra

004 Going to Europa
  • Stop over at the asteroid field Fraal Station
  • HUMOR : Spaceship weapon operation target practice with asteroids

005 The Technophage surprise attack
  • When they reach Europa the NY/NY•01 is attacked by a technophage boarding party
  • CRITICAL/STRESSFUL : Battle scene, flat-footed, surprise round.

006 Beaming down inside the Pyramid Ship
  • Sensors reveal the Technophage pyramid ship is protected by an unknown shield system
  • PUZZLE : One of the players discovers the portable teleportation device the Technophage used to board the ship / One of the players discovers how to activate it and beam inside the pyramid ship.

007 The Technophage
  • The team explores the pyramid ship
  • ANNOYING : Internal automated defense systems activate : force fields go up and 5 floating mini-bots armed with lasers pursue and engage the invaders. (20 HPs / AC 25)

008 The Hatchling Chamber
  • KEY INTELLIGENCE: The F4 team discovers the Technophage have a hatchling chamber that can grow embryos to full adults in a few days. The 3 remaining technophages protect the hatchling chamber with all they've got. When it appears the F4 team will win the last living technophage activates the auto-destruct system.
  • CRITICAL/STRESSFUL : Players have 5 minutes to teleport out of the pyramid ship. It is also possible to exit the ship by anyone of the 6 hatches or with the lifepod. If the players fail to leave the ship by the end of the fifth round they discover that the technophage auto-destruct system releases a nanobot cloud that eats away the pyramid ship in about 15 minutes.

009 Return to Earth
  • MYSTERY : As they return to Earth the Kinori stealth spaceship uses the NY/NY•01 as target practice. The «invisible» Kinori ship leaves at FTL speed when a Fraal drone approaches the coordinates of the battle and broadcasts a Galactic Concord Warning Message. Origin of attack remains unknown to the players.

010 Debriefing on Earth (XP rewards)
1.Bringing back the technophage portable teleportation device : 1250/per player
2.Bringing back a living technophage hatchling : 1250/per player
3.Quality of role playing (per player) : 250 low / 500 average / 750 good / 1000 excellent

011 END
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:05pm
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:04pm
Dairy • Specter O'Reily • January 25 2008

Today, while I was sitting in front of the fireplace at the Mont Tremblant mutant facility my mind wandered ... I remembered Montreal before the bombing. A thing I had refused to do for many years ... Although its one of the oldest cities in North America, Montreal was a «Lolita». She was young of heart and had a Latin soul. She had the all the right moves, an inclination towards the celebration of all life's joys ...

Every year from May 1st to September 30th the city would explode in International Festivals of all kinds. At the height of summer heat the «International Jazz Festival», a 14 days affair, would see no less than 1 million human souls wander the streets of the Cultural district ... Moon light , asphalt, 90°, high humidity, perspiration, women's perfume, fire trucks sprinkling water fumes on the crowds, jazz rhythms & melodies in the air ... One could not help become fully alive for a few evenings a year ... Montreal was a «Lolita» and died way too young...
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:05pm
... 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

NCNN the most trusted news in the Northern Hemisphere ...


(Studio camera 1/general shot/hard light)
Good evening, I'm John Nash, you host.

(Studio camera 2/close up/hard light)
J.N. : A few hours ago NCNN as learned that the Galactic Concord is about to change its «Humans in Space Policy». We go to our reporter in Tijuana : Harry Harrison.

(Exterior/In front of the Tijuana Space Port Authority building)
H.H. : Yes John. Today a high ranking Fraal official of the Tijuana Space Port called the NCNN office of the «United Mutant States of America». He requested to use 2 minutes of our daily broadcast to speak directly to our viewers. We have kindly agreed to his re...

(Cut away to a AI robot digicam #1 – voice over by Harry Harrison)
A Fraal wearing a gray fedora steps outside the SPA building. The camera follows the Fraal leader.

H.H.: Here he comes... Since Fraal names cannot be pronounced by humans this one has chosen an Earth name. He has chosen Sinatra. My sources tell me he his a big fan of American culture of the 50s.

Sinatra approaches Harry Harrison.

H.H.: Sir Sinatra, we are broadcasting live ... look into the camera ... here ... yes ... go ahead ... our audience is watching you ...

Sinatra : Humans of the Earth, the Galactic Concord has ruled two days ago that you will be allowed to travel freely in space. I now that it is a dream that you have cherished for a long time. The Galactic Concord offers you this dream today. If I may paraphrase one of your famous movie characters, you will go «to the stars and beyond !» We call upon all those who believe they have what it takes, to come forward, at the Space Port Authority buildings across the Northern hemisphere. All able candidates will be fully trained in spaceship maintenance and operation on the Fraal Lunar base. That is all.

(Cut away to Harry Harrison – AI robot digicam #2)
H.H.: Incredible! Sir Sinatra can you explain why the Galactic Concord has changed its policy?

(Cut away to a AI robot digicam #1)
Sinatra : Not today – (white light flash : Sinatra is beamed out of the picture)

H.H.(voice over) : Well ... John, back to you!

(Studio camera 2/close up/hard light)
J.N.: Thank you Harry. Excellent work – (turns head slowly to camera 1)

(Studio camera 1/close up/hard light)
J.N.: When we come back after the break, our political panel with : Elisa Shue of the Democratic Mutant Party and Keifer Nutherland of the Republican Mutant Party....
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:06pm
Technophage - A new alien race
The technophage are a race of technologically advanced hunters and gatherers. Their entire society, organized in tribes, is based on the search of new hunting and gathering territories. Equiped with tetrahedral diamond based ships, each tribe roams the galaxy in search of new quartz and carbon mines. Occasionnally tribes will join forces and form a horde against a common enemy. Because they do not breath, in the conventional sens, technophage can adapt to any type of atmosphere. Their ships are pressurized for atmospheric flight only. Once they reach space the «atmosphere is vented».

These eight foot tall beings have three 5 foot long legs that connect at the base of a 2 foot long neck which is topped by an oval shaped head. Their jet black flexible exoskeleton skin is an alloy of carbon and quartz. The base of their legs are hard as diamond and have 3 opposable fine manipulators. The head is topped by a crown of nine 1 inch long diamond spikes. Technophages are very hard to surprise because three small yellow eyes provide them with perfect 360° vision. The technophage breathing and digestive systems work in symbiosis. They must constantly eat carbon and quartz to live. Their very small mouth is equipped with powerful jaws that can crush the hardest crystals. Once per hour a gland at the top of the mouth produces a powerful digestive acid that can be spitted up to 15 feet away.

The Technophage use an accelerated growth program for their offsprings. Once they have been grown to maturity, in the hatchling chamber, the «new born» Technophages can immediately take their place in society. The chamber provides them with genetic memory they need to accomplish the task they are destined for.

Each Technophage is equipped with a large neck band that acts as a defense and attack system. The device is connected directly to the technophage brain.
1- The neckband projects a 90° energy shield. At the beginning of each round the facing can be modified as a free action.
2- Once/round the neckband's 360° rotating plasma projector can be activate (see plasma rifle)

Skills: Spot +10, Climb +5, Survival +5, Listen +3, Swim -10
Feats : Alertness, Multiattack, Point Blank Shot

Technophage Level Advancement (d20 future)
Level advancement for Technophage is extremely unlikely. Members of a clan are bred in hatchling chambers with specific genetic codes and memories. They come out of the chambers fully grown and ready to take on the responsibilities of their genetically programmed occupation. This type of reproduction method while very efficient for a civilization down plays considerably personal development and freedom. It is in fact a flaw. A Technophage caught outside his realm of expertise will function very poorly and will constantly strive, to the best of his abilities, to restore normalcy.

Fraal scientists have recently uncovered new data about the Technophage. The individuals encountered up to now are only Light Infantry. Technophage do not hesitate to manipulate their own DNA to create individuals for specific tasks. Lawford reports having seen these variations : Laborers, Technicians, Caretakers, Scientists, Leaders, Winged Infantry and Heavy Infantry.
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:06pm
Earth's Orbit • Fraal Lunar Station • Dark side of the Moon

AI: Long range scanners detecting a Fraal ship in Meta Space.
Sinatra: Yes, it must be the «Mother of Invention» Automated Factory Platform.

AI: Confirmed
Sinatra: Contact Davis Jr

AI: Connection opened
Davis Jr : Yes?

Sinatra: The factory ship is almost here. Transmit the mining instructions
Davis Jr: Transmitting

Sinatra: Now we wait. The Platform will mine the asteroid field for the next month.
Davis Jr: Indeed. According to my surveys we should be able to collect enough raw material to produce a small defensive military fleet.

Sinatra: We have failed the Humans in the past. This is only the beginning of our new strategy for the Solar system. The recent Technophage incursion in this system has convinced my superiors that we must act quickly.

Davis Jr: Its a good thing humans are quick study.
Sinatra: It may prove to be their greatest strength against the tide that is coming.

Davis Jr: You sound convinced. We have no understanding of the Technophage migration patterns.
Sinatra: As humans say «forewarned is forearmed»

AI: «Mother of Invention» dropping out of Meta Space
Davis Jr: Back to work ... Jr out!

Sinatra sits back in his office chair. Fraal are naturally impassive. But today a gifted observer would see a small change in Sinatra's facial expression : Relief.
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:07pm
Company Headquarters of Vrusk House Tjik_Vrass • President for Life Audience Chamber

PFL Izrl Tjik_Vrass : It has come to my attention that you opened in new market in the Solar system.

Captain G'chich Tjik : Yes honorable President for life.

PFL Izrl Tjik_Vrass : Some members of the board would see you and your family jump of Mont T'mowr. I over ruled them. Your record is impeccable. House Tjik_Vrass has a job for you. Would you like a promotion?

Captain G'chich Tjik : Yes honorable President for life.

PFL Izrl Tjik_Vrass : As of now you will be known as «Honorable G'chich Tjik». You are now House Tjik_Vrass' Trade Arbiter for the Milky Way Galaxy. You have House blessing to go against the Galactic Concord embargo. You can now leave my presence.

Honorable G'chich Tjik does the House salute to the PFL then leaves the audience chamber.
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:07pm
About the Fraal Automated Factory Platform (AFP)

The AFPs are the backbone of Fraal military strategy. Operated by a skeleton crew of 25 Fraals these superheavy FTL starships are literally mobile factories. Whenever the Fraal become involved in a major conflicts they dispatch fully stocked AFPs to «quickly» build ships to replace the destroyed ones. Soon the enemy is winded and the conflict comes to an abrupt end. Then, Fraal diplomats come into play to sign a non-aggression treaty.

Mother of Invention
After 1 month of harvesting the AFP will start assembling ships. Sinatra could only get his hands on the decommisioned PL7 platform «Mother of Invention». This older model can only build PL6 Fraal starships. Fortunately, thanks to Davis Jr's ace programming abilities the AFP building parameters have been adjusted to human physiology. Below is the list of ships the Galactic Concord is willing to «give» to the humans. The AFPs can produce different ships at the same time because they have multiple production lines.

Sequence of Production (order in which assets are built by the AFP)

Phase 1- Gunships (Escort_Ultra light) x04 • Production : 5 days
Phase 2- Corvette (Light) x02 • Production : 5 days
Phase 3- Cruiser (Mediumweight) x01 • Production : 15 days
Phase 4- Fleet carrier (Heavy) x01 + Assault fighters (Ultralight) x16 • Production : 30 days
Phase 5- Courier (Ultralight) x02 + Fast Freighter (Ultralight) x02 • Production : 5 days

In 90 days the Solar system will be armed with a small defensive fleet on which to build upon. Sinatra is gambling no major Technophage assault will happen within this time period. Already, close to 1000 mutants have entered the Space Port Authority accelerated training program. The cadets are shipped to the Fraal lunar base, given nano augmenter vaccines and rigorously trained by impassive Fraal instructors. When the AFP finishes phase 5 ships Humans will have 900 «trained» crew quality soldiers. For the first year Fraal commanding officers will train the best candidates to replace them.

Some at the Galactic Concord Council fear that arming the «violence prone» humans could lead to a new menace down the road. For this reason, all on board engineers will be either Fraal or Alereen for the first year of the program. Also, when the AFP has finished its production run it will return to Fraal space to avoid any tempering by the «crafty» humans.
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:08pm
Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy* • Inside Technophage Tetrahedral ship

Tall One : {hunters}{missing}/{sadness}
Wise One : {surprise}{uncertain}/{danger}
One Eye : {research}{enemy}{punish}

Tall One : {group}
One Eye : {speak}{unity}/{group}
Wise One : {attack}{danger}/{death}{many}
One Eye : {survival}/{honor}{group}/{mind}{orientation}

Tall One : {mind}{positive}
Wise One : {mind}{uncertain}
One Eye : {mind}{positive}
Wise One : {positive}{uncertain}{positive}/{orientation}{positive}
One Eye : {speak}{unity}{group}/{attack}{enemy}/{30}{ellipse}

«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:08pm
Kinori «Stealth Ship» Eoraptor-1 • Command Deck

Four Kinori Special Troops bask in the high humidity and hot red lights of the small command deck. Three of the Kinori recline in improvised hammocks attached to the ceiling. The floor is littered with chocolate wrappings, empty cans and other refuse. A fourth Kinori sits at the helm.

Vernidass - Are we there yet ?
Pernidass - Asking every 5 minutes won't change anything
Sernidass - Not again ! If I wanted human children on board I would kidnap some !
Eernidass – I'm detecting a ship following us in Meta Space. Get to your stations!

The crew members move to their respective work stations. Vernidass shows open hostility towards Eernidass.

Vernidass - Why is he always telling us what to do?
Pernidess - Cause he's the Eer and your the Ver.
Vernidass – And your the Per ! (whispering to himself) After this mission I will ask Vor_Eer.
Pernidass - pfff! Empty threats
Eernidass - Pay attention to your weapons console Vernidass. I will grant Vor_Eer when we get back. You will regret your threats.
Pernidass – Told you !
Vernidass – (shocked) I was only jesting. (looking at Sernidass) Tell him you’re the Ser of this ship!
Sernidass – We have a mission to finish. The egg comes before the hatchling.

Eernidass – Vrusk ship dropping out of Meta Space.
Vernidass – Excellent, more toys to exterminate the smelly Humans.
Pernidass – Only thing we ever agree on ...
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:09pm
Fraal Colony Ships • Rise of the Kinori Campaign

Since the destruction of their homeworld the Fraal have developed and perfected Colony Starships. These superstructures are home to an average of 25 000 Fraals. The PL8 design of colony starships is completely modular.

Concord Transport Tube
This gigantic cylindrical tube is used for «very fast» transport around the colony. Freight and passenger shuttles constantly travel in this weightless environment. All shuttle movement is automated and is controlled by the colony AI. One only need board a shuttle and enter the destination. Travel in this tube take one round per tube segment.

The Concord Transport Tube doubles has superstructural support that houses six independent Colony Nodes. In the event of a major catastrophe each Colony Node is self sufficient and has FTL capability. In its center the CTT also supports the Central Command Node, the Colony Powercore and the main FTL engine.

Transport Tubes
Similar in nature to the CTT these smaller structures have gravity and atmosphere. Opentop gliders are used to move from one platform to another. Movement in these tubes is not governed by the colony AI. One can either pilot the glider or let the autopilot take over. Maximum speed is limited to 100feet per round.

Colony Nodes
Acting as main support of Fraal communities, Colony Nodes are a group of six one kilometer long platforms. Each platform supports 7 towers that house an average of 100 Fraals. Platforms have 5 levels used for the production of goods and food for the colony node. The 4 main floors of the towers are used for administrative, leisure and scientific activities. The 10 top levels of the towers are used for housing.

The central tower of the central platform of each CN houses the Colony Node Council. The towers extend below the platform. These four levels are used for storage and have docking facilities. They also house the CN power core and FTL drive. Each CN has its own attack/defense AI system. This AI becomes slave to the CCN's AI when in Colony Starship configuration.

One in three Colony Nodes are modified to serve as spacedocks for heavy freighters and military starships. Refitting and restocking of military vessels take place in these facilities.

Central Command Node
Housing the powercore, central AI and FTL engine of the Colony Starship this node also doubles has Central Command Center. The administrative, military and political bodies of the colony hold court in these small structures. It is also self sufficient for short periods of time.

Attack/Defense capabilities of Fraal Colony Starships
Attacking a Fraals Starship Colony would be equivalent of attacking :
  • 7 Superheavy PL8 colony ships
AND currently docked :
  • (1d2+1) Superheavy military PL9 starships
  • (1d3+2) Heavy military PL9 starships
  • (1d4+2) Medium military PL9 starship
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:09pm
Dairy • Specter O'Reily • February 17th 2008

Gifts... Sometimes they have a funny way of coming back at you. A couple of years ago I gave Sinatra a TV/movie encyclopedia and a book on English idiomatic expressions. At the time I was very proud of my idea. Sinatra was extremely pleased with the books. He started using idioms and quotes as often has he could and often completely out of context. It was amusing. Eventually Sinatra learned to use them properly and after a while he stopped using them almost entirely. Until one day the gift came back to haunt me. Sinatra had decided to name each ship in the brand new Terran fleet using «creative» variations of TV show titles and idiomatic expressions... a real stew straight from the American Melting Pot :

1-Till you Drop
2-To the Death
3-Missing in Action
4-No Going Back

1-Die with Your Boots On
2-Forewarned is Forearmed

1-The Hate Boat

Fleet carrier
1-Gillian's Island

Assault Fighters
1-Charlie's Devils

1-Neither Snow nor Rain
2-North by Northeast

Fast Freighter
1-Just In Time
2-Almost too Late

The military establishment was appalled when they first learned the news but when the list was broadcasted by NCNN it was an instant hit. To my surprise soldiers and commoners just love it. I guess Sinitra's list reminded them of the «good old days». After all, how many times can you name a ship Enterprise and get away with it...
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:10pm
Earth's Orbit • Fraal Lunar Station • Dark side of the Moon

AI: Scheduled «Mother of Invention» AFP progress report just received
Sinatra: Please report

AI: Harvesting of raw material from the asteroid field at 95%. Ahead of schedule by almost 10 days. Density and frequency of raw material extremely high. End of harvesting phase expected in 3 days.
Sinatra: Contact Davis Jr

AI: Connection opened
Davis Jr : Yes?

Sinatra: The AFP progress report is excellent.
Davis Jr : Indeed. I've just finished analyzing it. Shall I give the order to start processing the raw material?

Sinatra: You read my mind Davis Jr. How long before the first gunships come off the production lines?
Davis Jr: Let me see ... I believe Earth date March 4th.

Sinatra: I'll make the arrangements to speed up the training program. Sinatra out.
Sinatra : AI contact Dean

AI: Connection opened
Dean: How can I help you Sinatra

Sinatra: I need 32 crew members ready 10 days ahead of schedule.
Dean: Humans are fast learners. I'll send you the top 4% of the recruits.

Sinatra: Excellent. Sinatra out

Satisfied with Dean's answer Sinitra reaches for the last pre-apocalypse cuban cigar in existence. Choosing Dean to run the human training program was well advise after all. Some in the council opposed this choice because Dean was believed to be to «close» to the human subject. In the final analysis it would seem this «fault» gave Dean the edge he needed.

Sinatra: AI select and play «Little Drummer Boy» Crosby & Bowie....
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:10pm
Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy* • Technophage Sectorial Assembly

The one known as One Eye, of clan Diamond Crusher, stands fully erect in front of the Technophage Sectorial Assembly. No less than 25 clans leaders have answered his call. Such is the reputation of One Eye, slayer of the Lizard Ones. His battle scars are testimony to his honor and courage. Today he chooses to use the «Conqueror Stance» to modulate his speech. Every sentence he utters is accompanied by ritual movements of the head, neck and legs. It his a very difficult stance to use. Few ever attempt it in public meetings. A single false movement and you are instantly perceived as an imposter by your peers. The social stigma is such that the perpetrator must seek atonement for 150 ellipses.

One Eye knows no fear today. He has the assurance of a true leader. His speech is stirring. The assembly is in his hand. He toys with them. Plays on their fears. The others are a menace. The Gray Ones must by purged from the hunting grounds of this sector. They attacked first, killing 5 hunters and destroying a tetrahedral ship. His «Conqueror Stance» is perfect, none can oppose him. The hunters will go to war against the Gray Ones. Already emissaries are leaving the assembly to herald the start of the first «Purge» in 165 years...

The Wise One of clan Diamond Crusher leaves the Sectorial Assembly with a heavy mind. No one can dispute that the slayer of the Lizard Ones is a leader among the clans. But never before has the Wise One heard One Eye speak with such determination and force. He is a changed hunter. Almost unrecognizable...

«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:10pm
Milky Way – Perseus Arm • Aleerin Deep Space Outpost

Gil_Iliad stands in front of the deep space scanning console. He has stood there for 589 consecutive days. Linked directly to the console the Aleerin reflects upon his soon to end tenure. Only one inescapable conclusion comes to mind : Nothing.

Nothing unexpected happened during his stay at the deep space outpost. Stars, planets, satellites and moons all moved in accordance with the laws of the Universe. Nothing. Trade routes remained secure, citizens of the Galactic Concord travelling to this sector of the Milky Way enjoyed unparalleled freedom of movement. Nothing. No ship were lost is space. No piracy occurred. Nothing. For an Aleerin such as Gil_Iliad it is the best possible outcome for his tenure.

AI: Detecting 3 Technophage tetrahedral ships on approach vector
Gil_Iliad: Send Galactic Concord universal greeting

AI: Message received – no answer - Technophage Tetrahedral ships assuming «hunt formation»
Gil_Iliad: Assuming direct cortical command of the outpost - AI override code : 1alpha-20496-epsilon-8274-01.

Gil_Iliad :
First millisecond
[scanning technophage ships]=[raised shields][assault fighters deploying]
[sending galactic concord distress signal]
[deploying defensive fighter drones][defensive pattern attila]
[raising outpost shields]

Second millisecond
[99% prediction : technophage assault fighters will assume attack formation]
[parameters of conflict : enemy has superior firepower and shields]
[99% prediction : destruction of the outpost in less than 2 minutes]

Third millisecond
[activating abridged auto-destruct sequence – 1 millisecond]
[activating metaspace teleportation bridge]
[galactic concord universal headquarters coordinates entered]
[Oh well ... there goes nothing...]

Fourth millisecond

And so the Technophage War begins ...
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:11pm
Solar System • Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter • Fraal Monitoring Station

AI : Warning – Technophage assault fighter entering Solar system.
Davis Jr : Scan for Tetrahedral ship in the vicinity
AI : None

Davis Jr : Strange – Contact Sinatra
AI : Connection opened
Sinatra : Yes ?
Davis Jr : A lone Technophage assault fighter as just entered the Solar system

Sinatra : Any life forms on board?
Davis Jr : Scanning ship – 1 Technophage
Sinatra : Heading?

Davis Jr : One moment ... my coordinates !
Sinatra : Send Galactic Concord Universal greeting
Davis Jr : Sending ...

AI : Message received and accepted – waiting for answer
AI : Answer «Hello Old Friend»

Sinatra : Davis Jr, prepare to receive a very important guest.
Davis Jr : Please repeat last command
Sinatra : I'm coming to your station – Sinatra out!

Davis Jr : AI prepare docking bay 03 for Technophage assault ship. Also, prepare to receive Sinatra
AI : Rematerialization of Sinatra in progress
AI : Assault ship within range of tractor beam – Technophage ship accepting tractor beam slave code

Sinatra enters the space station command room. He carries an orange plastic suitcase in one hand and holds on to his fedora in the other.

Davis Jr : Welcome Sinatra.
Sinatra : We must go to the docking bay immediately.
Davis Jr : The ship will be in docking bay 03 any minute now


The Technophage assault ship rest on the floor of docking bay 03. Slowly a jet black cylinder descends for the bowels of the ship until it reaches the floor. Mere seconds after it has touched the floor it start to rise towards the ship revealing at the same time a Technopage.

Sinatra : Greetings «Wise One»

The «Wise One» lowers his head in salute and emits a blood chilling shriek

Davis Jr : You know this being?

The Technophage walks slowly forward until he reaches the Fraals.

Sinatra : Come with us to the infirmary


The Technophage is lying on a bed in the infirmary. His vital signs are monitored by the cyber_nurse. Sinatra opens the orange suitcase and pull out a syringe filled with a greenish glowing substance. He injects the technophage in the neck.

Sinatra : This will hurt ... alote

Immediately the body of the Technophage is racked with convulsions. After a few moments the body transforms slowly into the shape a Fraal. The patient screames his lungs out has he endures the pain from the last moments of the transformation.

Cyber_nurse : Transformation complete. The patient has feinted. Recommend we let him rest for a few hours.
Sinatra : Advise me when he wakes.

Davis Jr : Who is this ... thing ?
Sinatra : Its Lawford. If he is here it means we are at war with the Technophage.
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:11pm
Dairy • Specter O'Reily • March 28th 2008

Winter blues. Winter has been particularly harsh this year for the survivors in the Montreal region. Althought the Fraal have provided food and energy, the effects of having snow storm after snow storm are taking their toll. People have this characteristic look in their eyes: Sadness mixed with helplessness. Tempers are short. We are like automatons, racing from one daily occupation to the other. Spending less and less time outside our homes...

Sinatra tells me we are at war. To defend what?
A sunless ball of ice !!!
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:11pm
Dairy • Specter O'Reily • March 29th 2008

6h50am. Watched the sun rise. The sky is clear. Tempertures have already risen above 0°C for the first time in nearly 120 days. I can see water trickeling from the roof top of my neighbour's house. The ice and snow are melting slowly.

My mission today : Take a walk outside to bask in the sunlight as long as possible. I will not be alone. Neighbours and friends will come out with smiles in their eyes. Invariably, I know I will cross path with one or two crazies who will be wearing only a t-shirt, shorts, a baseball cap and running shoes. Walking in the characteristic F@#K winter attitude! Entreprising pub owners will put a couple of tables on the terraces of their venues after the snow has been cleared. Some women may even venture outside in their early spring clothes, wearing beautifull skirts, shawls and berets.

Sinitra tells me we are at war. To defend what?
A bashed up but beautiful world...
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:12pm
Solar System • Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter • Fraal Monitoring Station

The «Fraal Pack» is reunited for the first time in close to two years. Sinatra, Davis Jr, Lawford are standing in the virtual conference of the monitoring station. Dean is also there thanks to virtual projection technology. His duties at the Galactic Concord Universal Headquarters prevent him from attending in person.

Sinatra : I must say Lawford, the news you bring is deeply disturbing.
Lawford : The Technophage are totally alien to us. They have none of the inhibitions and reservations we have about DNA manipulation.

Davis Jr : How could you stand it for so long? The infiltration lasted two years I think?
Lawford : 637 GC days. Indeed there were moments when I wanted to flee but my scientific curiosity held me in check.

Dean : Do you believe there are other types of Technophages out there?
Lawford : I do not know of any other types of technophage than those I mentioned in my report. The myth about their origines states that they used to live in space. Soaring and moving around a «Edenistic» asteroid belt were crystals and carbon were limitless. Maybe the winged technophages are the original species?

Dean : We know they attacked the Aleerin Deep Space Outpost in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way about a month ago. But there have been no other reports of attack since.
Sinatra : This worries me greatly. Lawford says One Eye called for a Purge. They must be gathering there forces. Luckily for us it gave the AFP Mother of Invention enough time to produce all the ships of phase I, II and III. Have our allies in this galaxy answered your calls Dean?

Dean : The Aleerins are galvanized by the attack on their outpost. Their fleet is already assembled and waiting for orders. They T'sa authorities are sending a technical support contigent that should arrive any day now. The Trade Arbiter of House Tjik_Vrass, Honorable G'chich Tjik, assures us the cooperation of the Vrusk. The President for Life of his House is sending a fleet of five cruisers. For a total of about 20 ships.

Sinatra : I put for the resolution that our colony ship, the Manhattan, should be posted in the Solar System in support of the other fleets. We must also use our military vessels to scan this arm of the Milky Way, the Orion arm, for intruders.
Davis Jr : To be expected. I accept.
Lawford : We will make our stand here. The purge is directed at us, the Grey Ones. I accept
Dean : I wish I could be there. But we need a voice over here at the GCUH. I accept

Sinatra : It is done then. AI send the order to the colony ship Manhattan to enter the Solar System and position itself near this monitoring station. Dean, ask the Aleerins to deploy their fleet near Jupiter's moon Europa. Also, the T'sa should deploy themselves outside of arms way near Earth's Moon. The Vrusk are the Vrusk. Alert me when they show up.

Dean : Now begins the hard part ... waiting. I propose the end of this assembly.
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:12pm
Annual Meeting of the Vrusk Trade Authority • Somewhere deep underground

3 Months ago • The heads of the Vrusk Trade Houses and Conglomerates are assembled in circular room spartanly decorated and furnished. The lights are dimmed. All attention is turned on the holographic projection at the center of the room. Profit margin projections, employment rates and all manners of statistics are presented to the ruling body of the Vrusk... The projection ends... Heavy silence fills the room.

Head Accountant of the Vrusk Trade Authority : Once again this year overall profit margin for the Vrusk Trade Authority has declined by 00,05%. Galactic wide profit margin for the VTA is at 1,67%. Despite all the measures we put in place in the last five years we predict that for the first time since we joined the Galactic Concord the profit margin of the VTA will fall to levels below our membership.

Cries hate and despair erupt from the assembly.

Head Accountant of the Vrusk Trade Authority : We have known for a decade that these times were coming. It would appears the other races are getting better at producing goods. We have fought them to the letter of the law at the Galactic Concord Trade Tribunal but we were defeated on all the charges. This was to be expected also. Unrest his very high in the Vrusk population. They can feel it. Our statisticians predict that we cannot cut back anymore on salaries or benefits. We risk civil war. Only one course of action remains if we want to regain our share of the galactic market. We must somehow destabilize the Galactic Concord.

I have the tool !

All attention turns to the President for Life of House Tjik_Vrass. To speak out of turn is a grave offense. Two security guards start walking towards PFL Izrl Tjik_Vrass.

Head Accountant of the Vrusk Trade Authority : Let him speak!

PFL Izrl Tjik_Vrass : I have the tool we need. House Tjik_Vrass has been preparing for such an outcome for the last 3 years. Not that we did not have faith in our beloved Head Accountant! The numbers don't lie. We all knew that these times we coming. Some of us choose to ignore the warning signs. The Head Accountant did the best he could with his limited power. In the end, we must act. We must destabilize the Galactic Concord. I call my plan Rise of the Kinori...
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:13pm
Solar System • Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter • Fraal Monitoring Station

Current time
AI : Five Vrusk cruisers entering the Solar system.
Davis Jr : Well, well, well. (Turning to his communication console.)

Davis Jr : Vrusk cruisers welcome to the Solar system. Please standby for further instructions.
General Isl_Tjik_Vrass: House Tjik_Vrass salutes you and wishes you honor in combat ! Understood. Waiting for instructions.
Davis Jr : AI contact Sinatra.
AI: Secure connection opened.

Davis Jr : The Vrusk have arrived
Sinatra : Really! Hum.. Interesting. The Head Accountant decided to dig deep into his pockets.
Davis Jr : The hour is also desperate for them I guess?
Sinatra : Indeed! Tell them to assume position opposite Jupiter's current location.

Davis Jr : Vrusk fleet assume position to these coordinates.
General Isl_Tjik_Vrass: Coordinates received. Moving to location. Vrusk fleet out.

Davis Jr looks at the Ship Monitoring Console. Close to 20 ships. Not bad. The T'sa will be here in 1 hour. The defense of the Solar system is in place. The Technophage will not attack such a big fleet.

AI : Receiving message from Dean at the Galactic Concord Universal Head Quarters.
Dean : We are under attack! I repeat, we are under attack! Sending compressed data of all info collected up to know. Farewell friends... Dean out !
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:13pm
Kinori Strike Force Fleet • Milky Way's Carina Sagittarius Arm • Capital Ship Eoraptor-Prime

One hour earlier
Command deck of the Strike Cruiser Eoraptor-Prime. A single Kinori stands erect in the command room. He is the Ernidass-Prime, commander of the retribution fleet. Next to him, Honorable G'chich Tjik, can barely contain himself. Ernidass-Prime activates the ship-wide communication system.

Ernidass-Prime : Pernidass-Prime, please connect me to the rest of the fleet.
Pernidass-Prime : Connection established.

Ernidass-Prime : Today, we will strike a crippling blow to our enemy! Thanks to the help of our new allies we possess the means and the information to reach deep into the Galactic Concord and strike directly at their center of operation. Today, the Galactic Concord Universal Headquarters will fall! You have trained hard in the last months for this. Today, YOU rise to the level of our ancentors. Make them proud !
Ernidass-Prime signal his communication officer to cut the transmission. He turns around to G'chich Tjik.

Ernidass-Prime : Are you sure you cannot stay to witness our victory and return home?
G'chich Tjik : You know very well that my race has gone to great lengths to hide our implication in this revenge of yours.

Ernidass-Prime : We have the same goals?
G'chich Tjik : Indeed. You get your revenge and we get an open trade market. No more Galactic Concord meddling against either of our races. But contrary to you, the members of my race are spread out on all the Galactic Concord worlds. If the truth became known we would suffer greatly. Secrecy is of outmost importance if you want to continue to receive our support.

Ernidass-Prime : I admit, mixing T'sa and Kinori technologies to produce a new kind of ship steers the suspicions away from you in an elegant manner. Do not worry about secrecy. The benefits to both our races greatly out way any ill conceived plans of treachery.
G'chich Tjik : You are a wise leader Ernidass-Prime.

Pernidass-Prime : Sir, receiving signal from the relocation colony.
Ernidass-Prime : Put it on the intercom.

Ternidass-Prime : Greetings commander, you can proceed with our plan. All the Kinori migration ships have reached our new homeworld. This time no one can usurp our destiny!
Ernidass-Prime : Proud the serve Ternidass-Prime.

Ternidass-Prime : G'chich Tjik, extend our sincere thanks to the Vrusk Trade Authority. Smuggling close to 70 000 Kinori refugees under the nose of the Fraals was quite an exploit.
G'chich Tjik : The Technophage treat provided the perfect opportunity. The Fraal leader in the Solar system is obsessed with them. I must admit you played your part very well. Leaving troops behind to continue attacking border patrols and human settlements put your enemy to sleep...

Ternidass-Prime : You flatter me. I did the necessary for the survival of my race. It was impossible to thrive under the embargo imposed by the Galactic Concord. Farewell G 'hcich Tjik.
G 'hcich Tjik : Farewell to you and the Kinori. I will contact you in 100 days when the dust has settled.

G'chich Tjik salutes Eernidass-Prime, the rest of his command staff, and then leaves the command deck.
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:13pm
Solar System • Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter • Fraal Monitoring Station

Current time
Sinatra, Davis Jr and Lawford have just finished reviewing the info sent by Dean. The usually gray faces of the Fraals are almost white.

Sinatra : We have a new enemy ! Someone we did not, or could not take into account. But who?
Lawford : Technical data reveals unknowned ship configuration. Does not match Technophage profile.

Davis Jr : I've reviewed scan data sent with the message. Elements of T'sa technology have been identified. Also, my files tell me there are also elements of Kinori technology!
Sinatra : Are you sure?

Davis Jr : I've run the comparison twice. I am certain
Sinatra : Someone else is behind this. The T'sa and the Kinori. Pfff. Someone is trying to undermine the Galactic Concord. Davis, run scans of Earth. How many Kinori life signs.

Davis Jr : Orbital drones scanning the planet... one moment, this is impossible. Scanning again. 2186 Kinori life signs detected.
Lawford : We have been duped. Someone has gone to great lengths to help the Kinori.

AI : Receiving distress signal from ALL Fraal Colony Ships outside Solar System.
Sinatra : What ? A coordinated attack! This is unforeseen. AI, decompress the messages and give us the details

AI : Decompressing ... analyzing ... formatting

AI : Fifteen minutes ago all Fraal colony ship outside the Solar System were attack by large Technophage fleets. Sometime as many as 15 ships. Of the nine colony ships, two have been destroyed, five are regrouping to our position, one is too severely damaged for interstellar flight and the last one is unaccounted for. All other military and civilian Fraal assets are regrouping to the Solar System. Casualties inflicted on the Technophage fleets was extensive. The knowledge we gained from the Technophage teleportation device seize during the raid on the Europa Moon proved to be invaluable. We were able to teleport our newly developed singularity grenades inside many of their ships. The enemy has retreated on all fronts. End of report.

Davis Jr : This is certainly the darkest hour of our race.
Lawford : The Galactic Concord will crumble. Every races will pull back within the security of its borders.
Sinatra : We are too few. With two colony ships destroyed, one badly crippled and another loss almost 50 percent of our people are either dead or in grave danger. We face extinction. Someone opened the gates of Rome to the barbarians...

AI : Aleerin and Vrusk fleets requesting permission to return to their homeworlds.
Sinitra : Let them.
AI : T'sa contingent arriving in 15 minutes. They are aware of the attack but want to help anyway.
Sinitra : Tell them to stand by near the Moon. Our colony ships will need extensive repairs.
Davis Jr : You will let them inside our ships?
Lawford : Sinatra is right. We will need all the manpower we can get.
Sinitra : This maybe the start of a new coalition. Humans, Fraal and the T'sa.
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:14pm
Solar System • Somewhere deep underground • In the secret chamber of a secret complex

23 days ago
Two Vrusk stand in front of each other.
G'chich_Tjik : Were you able to forward the information?
OpDal_Tjik : Yes, the first three agents I sent were killed. But I guess when a fourth «emissary» showed up the Technophage understood something important was happening.

G'chich_Tjik : Do you have an answer?
OpDal_Tjik : They will be there on time at the specified date.

G'chich_Tjik : Excellent, you have secured for yourself and your familly a much higher status in House Tjik_Vrass. I salute you.
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs

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April 5, 2008 - 9:14pm
House Tjik_Vrusk Headquarters • Quarters of Honorable G'chich_Tjik

AI : All surviving Kinori ships of the strike force have landed at the relocation colony.
G'chich_Tjik : AI detonate all war heads...
AI : Sending signal ....

One hour later
AI : Detonations confirmed. Planet scans detect no survivors.
«Language is a virus from outer space» William S. Burroughs